Ryan Reynolds will not let his kids believe he’s Pikachu or Deadpool

Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds tells his kids that he’s not actually Deadpool or Pikachu, to avoid their “superhero” expectations.

Ryan Reynolds says he makes sure to communicate with his kids to inform them that he is not actually Deadpool or Pikachu. The Canadian actor brought both characters to life on screen Detective Pikachu and Deadpool franchise. Earlier, Reynolds shared that he originally took on the role of Pikachu Detective Pikachu for his children to see him on screen for the first time, as his other major films have primarily been rated as R.

After finishing his last production on the Apple TV + movie Spirited, Reynolds announced his break from making movies to spend more quality time with his family. Since then, Reynolds has been working on his business projects and promoting his latest role in Netflix’s Red message. Although Reynolds announced his break from making films, Deadpool 3 is reportedly under development to possibly begin filming next year.


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In a recent interview with The times, Reynolds opened up about his anxiety and how he hopes his own experience would resonate with others. Reynolds continues the interview by saying that he makes it clear to his children to understand and differentiate themselves from the characters he plays on screen to avoid “superheroExpectations. Read Reynolds comment below:

“When your dad is a superhero, kids can have expectations. Mine [James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2] know I’m famous, but I make it clear to them that I’m not actually Deadpool or Pikachu. I want them to know when I fail. I think it’s important for them to realize that so much of success is built on mistakes. At bedtime I sometimes say to them, “Dad hit today.”

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for GQ

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for GQ

Having played many titular roles in major films, it comes as no surprise that Reynolds carried the pressure and weight of the characters he played on his shoulders. Despite being one of Hollywood’s A-lists and being playful on social media, both Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, enjoy their privacy as much as they can outside of the media. Therefore, Reynolds’ decision to move away from acting to spend more time with his wife and three daughters is not unforeseen. Similarly, Tom Holland had recently told that he does not want to spend the rest of his film career playing Spider-Man and would consider handing over the mantle to pave the way for Miles Morales to join MCU.

Many times, Hollywood actors succumb to the pressure and stress of portraying their famous roles, as some fans may find it difficult to disconnect from the actor and the actor’s performances. With Reynolds’ own experience of setting boundaries and having clear communication with his children, it shows that the pressure of playing titular characters can overwhelm the actors with unimaginable expectations from their fans and those around them. For now, Reynolds will take a break to spend more time with his family and work on his entrepreneurial projects.

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Source: The Times

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