St. Cloud Hospital uses these treatments for COVID-19

Treatments for the COVID-19 virus have changed since St. Cloud Hospital and CentraCare first faced the challenge of working with COVID-19 patients in the spring of 2020. CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me at WJON today. These are the treatments they use for COVID-19 patients:

Remdesivir – Is an antiviral agent. Dr. Morris says it attacks some of the receptors on the COVID-19 virus so that it does not replicate as much as your body can handle it faster.

Monoclonal antibodies – Dr. Morris says pharmaceutical companies take COVID-19 antibodies and inject them into the exposed person’s body to help fight the virus. Morris says, for example, that if a person can make 100 antibodies to fight the virus, this injection will give the person a million antibodies. He says these antibodies are purified and safe before being injected into a person. Morris says monoclonal antibodies are currently being used to treat the virus, but they are also considering using this injection to prevent it.

Dexamethasone – Dr. Morris says it is a steroid that helps the body reduce or control inflammation. Morris says this is designed to help limit the damage to the body when it fights the virus. He says it is a treatment for the seriously ill to keep slowing down the body’s overreaction to the virus.

Dr. Morris says they also use immune modulators. He says they look like steroids, but more fine-tuned. Morris says their goal is to buffer the response. He says that when COVID enters the body, it can cause damage to the heart, lungs and brain. Dr. Morris because of this injury can lead to other treatments.

I asked Dr. Morris, whether Hydroxycloroquine is used at CentraCare. He says no, but the effectiveness of this as a treatment for COVID-19 is still being researched. Dr. Morris says research articles he has seen indicate that hydroxycloroquine has not helped COVID-19 patients and may cause adverse side effects.

If you would like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Morris on treatments, it is available below.

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