Sunyshore Gyms Volkner Team & Type recommendations

The final gym battle in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl causes players to battle the electric user Volkner in the Sunyshore Gym.

Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Eighth gym manager, Volkner, is the electrical user of Sunyshore Gym. He is the last gymnastics leader that players must face before they can challenge the Elite Four and the reigning champion of the Sinnoh region. However, he has gotten a little tired of the weak challengers who have been visiting his gym and he expects the player to give him a good enough fight to remind him how fun it is to fight.

Volkner has done a lot of renovations of the Sunyshore Gym as the players arrive, and it’s filled with gear that players have to rotate to reach the gym manager. Most of the trainers inside have only one Pokémon each, which explains why Volkner is so eager for a challenging match. After getting through, players can challenge Brilliant diamonds and shiny pearls last gymnastics leader to get their last badge.


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Electric Pokémon are strong against flying and water types, but the only type they are weak against is Earth. In addition, electric types have resistance to flying, steel and electric movements, but electric type movements are weak against Ground, Grass, Dragon and Electric-type Pokémon. There are a few different types that players can use against him, but it is best to leave water and flying types on the bench for this match.

How to beat Volkner in brilliant diamond and shiny pearl

Volkner’s original party from Diamond & Pearl returns to the remakes, but their movesets have been updated since Gen IV. Volkner also has a few full restorations that he will use if his Pokémon falls under critical health.

Raichu / Electric / Level 46

  • Surf
  • Volt switch
  • Charging beam
  • Nuzzle

Ambipom / Normal / Level 47

  • Double hit
  • lightning
  • Fake Out
  • Last resort

Octillery / Water / Level 47

  • Focus energy
  • Aurora Beam
  • Charging beam
  • Octazooka

Luxray / Electric / Level 49

  • Crunch
  • Thunder catch
  • Iron tail
  • Ice Fang

Volkners Luxray also has the Intimidate ability, which will lower its target’s attack when it enters the match. It has a Citrus Berry to restore HP.

Ground-type Pokémon are the only type that are strong against Electric, but Volkner covers his bases with moves that can counteract them. Raichu, Octillery and Luxray all have traits that are strong against Ground, leaving Ambipom the only member of his team without traits to counter Ground types. In addition, the Octillery has no move that can counteract electric Pokémon, so it’s a good idea to bring at least one to this fight to take this water type out quickly.

Grass-type Pokémon are good choices for this battle with their resistance to electric and water types, but players should be aware that Octillery and Luxray both have Ice-type moves that are effective against grass. Snowver and Abomasnow will counteract this with their secondary ice type, which is resistant to ice type movements. Pokémon that know moves Soak, such as Psyduck, Golduck, or Goldeneen, are good for this battle, as they can change an opponent’s type to water, allowing the player’s Electric-type Pokémon to deal a host of damage, while still being resistant to the opponent’s electrical draft.

Volkner will present the coaches with their eighth gym badge, the Beacon Badge, once he has been defeated. This will allow them to use Hidden Move Waterfall, and with all eight of their badges earned, players will be able to advance to the Pokémon League to challenge the Elite Four and Sinnoh Champion. All Pokémon players that receive in trades will obey them up to any level. Volkner will also give trainers five TM57s that teach a Pokémon how to move the Charge Beam. They will also receive a set of his stickers to customize their Poké balls.

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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are available on the Nintendo Switch.

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