Sylvester Stallone admits Rocky 4’s mistake

In a documentary describing the creation of Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago, Sylvester Stallone discusses many of the original film’s perceived missteps.

In a documentary describing the making of Rocky IV: Rocky Vs. Drago, Sylvester Stallone discusses many of the original film’s perceived missteps. In 1976, Stallone wrote and starred in what is now considered to be one of the most inspiring films ever made, which was nominated for a handful of Oscars and won for Best Picture and Best Director. Director John G. Avildsens Rocky introduced the audience to his titular Italian Stallion, a Philly slugger whose lack of education and means did not leave him many opportunities besides working as a leg-breaker for a two-bit loan shark. In the end, in his fateful exhibition with the world’s heavyweight boxing champion, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), Rocky proves that he is not just “another pimple from the neighborhood. “


Rocky‘s cultural influence led to the Stallone-led follow-ups, Rocky II, III, and IV. The latter film – which sees Rocky fighting the seemingly invincible Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) to avenge Apollo’s death – was released in 1985, grossed $ 300 million worldwide and is still the highest-grossing contribution to the series to date. While Rocky IV is loved by longtime fans of the franchise, the episode is far from the original Rocky the film and its sequel Rocky II, which was grounded in realistic, cruel 1970s drama. Rocky IIIand even more, IV, were products from the hypermuscular 1980s. With more than three decades of hindsight, Stallone went back and corrected what he did not like about the original version of Rocky IV, restore scenes that were clipped, tweaking existing scenes and cut those he was never happy with. Rocky IV: Rocky Vs. Drago director’s cut was in theaters for a one-night event on November 11 and is now available on-demand.

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Hos John Herzfeld The Making of Rocky vs. Drago by Sylvester Stallone via Sly Stallone Shop on YouTube, Stallone opens up about mistakes he feels he made in his first approach to Rocky IV‘s history. The author / director talks about how the 80s were a “much transition time for film production”, Which was heavily influenced by MTV. Read what he had to say below:

“In the ’80s, it was a very transitional period for filmmaking and television, with MTV beginning to take shape in how people viewed things. Fast clips, flash, smoke on the screen, backlighting – much of that Flashdance look,” said Stallone. “And I thought, ‘You know what, I want to go there.’ And I was very caught up in that kind of superficial kitschiness at the time, like the robot, the music and some of the things, what was the hit tune. And then I went back and went, ‘this is some kind of sad story’. I’m losing my best friend. Drago himself is a tragic character: he is the Frankenstein monster, he has been put together, and when he then survives, his usefulness is just in the scrap heap. So I tried to find all those moments – little pieces where I talked to my son, where I threw an ad-lib about how to do things for yourself, because that’s what will make you crazy when you getting older. So the little moments, for me, were really missing at first … It was considered the weird thing, even though it made the most money. It was like the tacky assembly. Now I want to bring it back to the cinema and lose that stigma and say ‘this is a valid drama.’ It’s not just a montage of foolishness. ”

Rocky celebrates his victory against Drago

It seems that Stallone addressed a lot of Rocky IV‘s camp in his director’s section. Some of the version’s most notable changes include clipping the robot Sico that Paulie (Burt Young) received as a birthday present, including more Drago, and adding Mickey (Burgess Meredith) footage and an internal monologue to the final fight. That said, the most important parts are Rocky IV which fans love remains intact in the director’s cuts, which also makes some major thematic and character improvements.

Whether you see Rocky vs. Drago as to make the overall experience of Rocky IV significantly better or just a conversion of nostalgia, Stallone’s director’s clip is nevertheless an interesting exercise in hindsight. Stallone has been very open about his creative regrets, especially regarding Rocky Vwhich is considered by many to be the weakest installment of the franchise. Although the film tried to bring the franchise back to its roots, it fell flat in comparison to its predecessors. But like its main character, the Rocky franchise goods – 2006’s Rocky Balboa more than offset the sour taste left Rocky V and Creed so Rocky passed the torch on to Apollo’s son before Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) took on Drago’s son in Creed II.

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