The internet artist known as Shadman, who creates sexually explicit cartoons, has been released for the first time since his rumors of arrest

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The name Shaddai Prejean has been associated with the artist Shadman for at least five years online.Avid_creative

  • Shaddai Prejean, a name that has been associated with online artist Shadman, was arrested.

  • Prejean was arrested on two charges of assault.

  • Shadman is known online for sexually explicit art that often features animated characters.

The online artist known as Shadman has posted on Twitter for the first time since Internet users speculated that he had been arrested in Los Angeles.

Speculation followed the release of documents regarding the arrest of Shaddai Prejean, a name that has been linked to Shadman for at least five years online and is listed as his name on Know this meme and Shadman’s IMDb Page.

Prejean was arrested in two cases of section 245 (A) 1 of the California Penal Code, or assault with a lethal weapon, according to court documents obtained by Insider. According to a public reservation log, The Glendale Police Department arrested Prejean on October 26.

On Thursday, Shadman wrote on Twitter for the first time since Prejean’s arrest. Prior to Thursday’s tweets, his most recent post had been on October 22nd.

“No time to explain, do not worry about me, is better than you have and always will be, is pro, see you, you will not be you,” Shadman wrote in the caption to a tweet accompanied by several pictures of art and memorabilia.

The artist also posted several follow-up tweets that included pictures of food, a TV, a Lego figure with a cross on his head, and disfigured Pokémon cards.

Shadman is an artist known for his sexually explicit art, which he posts on his website Shadbase.

His art has been known to feature animated characters, such as those from the Pixar movie “The Incredibles”. As Gizmodo reported in 2017, Shadman has also been known for drawing lolicon – young girls in sexually suggestive or explicit situations – and suggestive art of political figures such as Hillary Clinton. In a blog post from July 2019 on his website, he said he would no longer produce lolicon art.

According to Know Your Meme, Shadman started writing Newgrounds in July 2009 and launched its own website in October of that year. His YouTube channel, which has 321,000 subscribers, launched in March 2010. He also has a significant following on other social media platforms, with over 727,000 followers on Twitter and 390,000 followers on Shadbase Facebook page.

On November 11, the Twitter account of the internet forum Kiwi Farms tweeted alleged documents confirming Prejean’s arrest on October 26. Kiwi Farms, which started as a discussion forum dedicated to online personality Christine Chandler (“Chris Chan”), who was arrested earlier this year on a charge of incest, now sees itself as a “community dedicated to discussing eccentric people.”

According to court documents obtained by Insider, Prejean was arrested by the Glendale Police Department on two charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He filed bail on Nov. 10, court records show.

The charges are related to an alleged incident on Oct. 26 that took place in Los Angeles County, according to court records.

Under California law, the charge is punishable by two to four years’ imprisonment in the state prison, imprisonment for up to one year in county jail, a fine of up to $ 10,000 or with both fine and imprisonment.

There have been no reports yet of the alleged incident that led to Prejean’s arrest. The Glendale Police Department was unable to immediately respond to Insider’s request for additional information.

According to court documents, Prejean was not present at a court hearing on October 28, but his lawyer expressed doubts about his mental self-confidence. According to the documents, Prejean was subjected to examination and mental competence hearing on Monday morning and appeared in court for “further case processing” on Friday morning. It was not immediately clear when he would next appear in court.

The public defender stated in court documents as Prejean’s lawyer and a Facebook page linked to Shadman did not respond to further requests for comment.

Ted Soqui contributed additional reporting.

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