The Jets have three rookies on the offensive, which impress

As bad as the Jets have been, the three have newcomers in the attack who have broken through and look like building blocks for the future.

It’s in addition to Zach Wilson.

The Jets are Wilson’s team, make no mistake. They hired his personal quarterback coach a few weeks ago and are fully committed to nurturing and developing him into the franchise manager they think he can become.

Wilson is expected to return from a knee injury next week in Houston and with a better understanding of how to perform this offensive from watching Mike White, Josh Johnson and Joe Flacco perform it.

The Jets need Wilson to catch up with the novices drafted after him and get the organization encouraged about what this offense can do next.

Receiver Elijah Moore breaks out. Michael Carter has been a prolific dual-threat running back. And left-back Alijah Vera-Tucker has been a rock in front.

Rookie no Moore

Moore has played eight NFL games, but the second-round pick from Ole Miss no longer considers himself a rookie.

The Jets saw Moore as a Swiss-knife-type player who can do a bit of everything and be a real weapon in their attack. After a typically slow start for rookies, Moore has left.

He has scored four touchdowns in the Jets’ last four games – three receptions and one rushing on a 19-yard end-around. Moore believes this is only the beginning.

“I’m getting more comfortable. More options,” he said. “You can no longer look at the game as if I were a rookie. You just have to go out there and you just have to play. It’s old. It’s time to get started.”

Moore missed the entire preseason with a quad injury. It took him a while to get used to the NFL after that.

He had eight catches for 66 yards in his first four games, including a one-catch, minus-3 yard NFL debut.

Moore missed a fight with a concussion. Since returning four games ago, Moore has been something of a headache for the defense.

He has 17 catches on 208 yards and 231 scrimmage yards in total. Moore saw several goals the two games that Corey Davis missed with a hip injury. The Jets will continue to go to Moore with Davis back in hopes that the offense can become dynamic

“The only way you can showcase is based on options,” Moore said. “The more that comes, the more I get to show.”

Moore’s four touchdowns are a draw for the Jets’ lead with Carter and Davis and a draw in fourth place among rookies.

“There’s a lot more out there for him,” offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur said.

Never and rookie

Carter, a fourth-round pick from North Carolina, has not really played or behaved like a rookie. It’s because he does not feel like one.

“I never did,” Carter said. “All the guys know that. They would be, ‘What’s up, Tower?’ “I’m not a rookie. It’s just my first year. That’s what I always used to tell them. I’m not kidding either. I really never felt like a rookie. They met me to play.”

Carter had 88 scrimmage yards against New England in his second NFL game. He became the starting back the following week.

During his last six games, Carter has 536 scrimmage yards and four touchdowns. He is a draw with Pittsburgh’s Najee Harris for the rookie lead with four hectic touchdowns. Carter’s 673 scrimmage yards are third among rookies and lead Jets.

“He’s definitely doing well as a vet,” said running back Tevin Coleman. “How he comes prepared, how he takes notes, how he takes care of his body, how he comes in with positive energy. He comes in here like a vet.”

Coleman, in his seventh season and with his third team, said it was “definitely unusual” as it took him two years before he really understood what the Falcons wanted from him.

It did not take Carter long.

“He does everything like a vet,” Coleman said. “It’s great to see.

A guard?

After the Jets took Wilson in second place overall, they gave up a lot to grab someone who would protect their new franchise quarterback.

General manager Joe Douglas sent the Vikings’ selections 23, 66 and 86 to Nos. 14 and 143. They spent 14 on Vera-Tucker out of USC. Robert Saleh said he walks into Douglas’ office every other day to thank him for getting Vera-Tucker.

“It was all worth it,” Saleh said.

Vera-Tucker has allowed one sack, five quarterback hits and 21 rushes on 423 pass-block snaps, according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). His PFF running blocking character is the fourth best among rookies. Vera-Tucker also has an impressive 96.5 Pass Block Efficiency, a PFF statistic that measures allowable pressure per second. snap weighted against sacks.

“Credit to Joe D and his staff,” LaFleur said. “Joe D. pointed it out right away. He said he had to get up to pick up a guard. I did not know Alijah very well. I thought, ‘A guard?’ “Now I understand exactly why he did it. He was spot on. He was the right piece of culture and player.”


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