Vikings: 10 favorite story lines according to Reddit

vikings had lots of great episodes in its arsenal, but there are still a handful that really stood out to fans. With the sequel series, Vikings: Valhalla, developed by Netflix, it’s a perfect opportunity to look back on the strongest episodes / story lines throughout the original series. This is done in no particular order. Spoiler alert for those who have not seen the show.

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Although with lots of mutilation and brutality, the show had lots of beautiful moments that fans will happily remember. The show featured a lot of what makes a great show great with great character building, complete story lines and action. The best episodes contained almost all of these, and the question of which episode is the best is asked for many shows, but Reddit had all the answers to this one.

10 Blood Eagle

The Vikings' Blood Eagle explained historical errors

Without a doubt one of the most brutal episodes, it remains one of the many episodes on Reddit as one of the best in the series. The section shows not only the brutality of the times, but also the method of execution of the blood eagle. Reddit users commented on many things from the episode, including how the execution scene was performed as well as the music throughout. “It was one of the most intense moments on TV I’ve ever seen,” said Reddit user godofallcows.

What made the scene even better is that not too much blood was shown. Instead of creating shock value by showing every little bit, the show decides to show other Vikings’ faces. The show did more with less, allowing the viewer to have a fantasy about the brutality instead of watching it.

9 Our Father

Floki runs through a forest in Vikings

The season two final is considered among the best in the series. What the episode does well is close the overall story in season two and easily make transitions to next season. One of the many plot points in the episode that seemed to twist any viewer was Floki. While the whole episode looks like Floki is going to get bad, it is only at the end that viewers can see that Floki was constantly playing a long scam against the villain.

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Fans on Reddit also enjoyed the character arc with Lagertha throughout the episode. Reddit user vixenkitty stated, “I WANT TO BE LIKE LAGERTHA! She rocks!”. One of the most important moments that stood out was when Lagertha fights Gunnhild and eventually comes out on top. This showed much of what makes Lagertha a strong character. These two moments in the episode as well as the final scenes with Ragnar having fans convinced that it is among the best.


8 Born again

In one of the more heartbreaking episodes, fans of the show were understandably sad to see Athelstan die. Although instead of splitting fans, as other shows have done with major deaths, the show does a fantastic job of making death bittersweet with the relationship between Ragnar and Athelstan. As a Reddit user, Søren_Lorensen says it: “We will really miss Athelstan. Kudos to the show for having the b ***s do it.”

Everyone seemed to share the same feeling that even though the show was sad, it was brave to go this route, but also did it right. It also helped that the dialogue throughout the episode was strong and had some of the best moments for multiple characters. This is especially the case with Athelstan and Ragnar. This episode really opened up about how beautiful the relationship between them was.

7 All his angels

Vikings Ragnar dead season 4

Considered yet another effective episode and one that heralds a lot of things to come. It’s a giant episode that kills what many considered the main character in the series, Ragnar. A Reddit user stated: “Travis Fimmel’s performance in the Vikings has been absolutely phenomenal.” In what would naturally cause fans to be torn apart or sentimentally end a show, made fans appreciate all the work Travis Fimmel, who played Ragnar, has done.

In contrast to The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes left the show, this episode made fans excited about what was to come. What especially made fans happy about the show’s future was the focus on switching to Ragnar’s sons, primarily Ivar.

6 Unforgiven

Lagertha smiles at Vikings

Without a doubt one of the best Lagertha episodes, and a forerunner of the “Blood Eagle” episode, this was yet another episode that set things in motion. Fans, however, were particularly pleased to see Lagertha’s bow throughout the episode and her eventual revenge towards the end. As a Reddit user, MenaNoN put it: “When Lag (ertha) stabbed it ***, I literally jumped up as if it were the damn Super Bowl.” It was one of the strongest episodes for the character and she gained a lot of fans after its completion.

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Before the episode “Blood Eagle” came out, fans were also excited about Ragnar’s line that the Earl should be executed in this way. Although what is to come is already known, at that time it was a large construction.

5 Path

Bjørn looks to the right in Vikings

Another strong episode for a certain character, this time Bjørn, who has a memorable fight scene against Bersærkeren. Many fans commented on this fight scene, and how strong it made Bjørn’s character look and give fans confidence in the future of the show. As a Reddit user, istigk3it stated: “I’m excited to see more, which is great considering the odds that he will play such an ever-increasing role.”

What fans also liked about the show was how well it also paid homage to the Viking culture. This episode also delivered character development, which by some can be seen as a filler, but which still paid off in the long run.

4 Sacrifice

Leif's death scene in Vikings

Although one of the no doubt less fan-favorite episodes, fans were mostly shocked and heartbroken at the end of the episode. Leif did not live long into the show, but still got a bit of a following. “I thought I did not want Athelstan to die, but realized I wanted Leif to live more,” said Reddit user ndnOUTLAW.

The episode asked a lot of questions, such as the goals of Ragnar and Lagertha to have another child, and how the show would end many of the stories of the season. Still, it is among the strongest episodes.

3 The choice

Ragnar in battle in the Vikings

As a Reddit user, russmcruss52 stated: “This is the first time we see Ragnar lose, (and) Bjørn gets his name.” However, this episode also sets up a lot of important story arcs. First, it gave Bjørn his famous name Ironside and shows how smart a character King Ecbert is in a fight. This showed not only how intelligent the character of Ecbert is, but Ragnar’s humanity, after winning almost two seasons of the show.

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The episode is also strong on Rollo’s character and how skilled he is during a fight. Although it is a more action-packed episode, it leads to many important things in the future. It also still supplies fans of the show with the action that is the urge to watch a Viking show.

2 In the uncertain hour before morning

Ragnar surrendered to King Ecbert's mercy before being killed in Vikings

Most of the episode that fans enjoyed stems from the relationship Ragnar and Ecbert have. As Reddit user maybe_a_loth stated: “Ecbert and Ragnar’s reunion exceeded expectations.” The episode also plays strongly into their friendship with great dialogue. Along with this, fans again enjoyed Travis Fimmel’s performance and his ability to really carry a stage, especially with a great actor in Linus Roache.

Besides the parts with Ragnar, fans also liked moments with Aslaug and Lagertha, even though Aslaug is killed. What is good about these scenes that were discussed at the time is the potential build-up of Lagertha’s character.

1 The dead

What made this episode great for fans was the number of twists in it. From Ragnar, who seems to be dead, to jumping out of the coffin in Paris, to Ragnar knowing that Floki was the one who killed Athelstan. “I honestly thought Ragnar was dead, especially after the scenes with Rollo, Floki and especially Lagertha saying goodbye,” Reddit user inNSANEw0w said.

What the show also did well was to play out all of the character’s strengths, including Lagertha, using confession scenes when everyone thinks Ragnar is dead. This episode showed how much she loved Ragnar on a single line despite the problems they have been through.

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