Weasel: DC Comics The Origins of Sean Gunns The Suicide Squad Character Explained

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There seems to be some consistency in between The suicide group director James Gunn and his younger brother Sean Gunn that when he casts him in one of his films (even though he already plays a human), he should also play a furry animal character. The former Gilmore girls cast, who have both played Kraglin and performed on-set motion capture for Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel movies, also have a double duty to the new Suicide Squad cast as the Batman villain Calendar Man and a freaky, furry thing called Weasel. This strange, dangerous creature is actually portrayed in his DC movie debut a bit differently than how he was portrayed in the comics … at least in the beginning, that is. In fact, the beginning is exactly where we need to start researching Weasel’s “graphic” history.

John Monroe in his weasel suit

Weasel was originally a human disguised as an animal in DC Comics

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