Battlefield 2042 has nearly 30k negative reviews on Steam


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Yikes. Battlefield 2042, which was officially released just two days ago, is now one of the worst rated games on Steam with over 29,000 negative reviews. Currently, it is the eighth lowest rated game on Steam.

As seen by Forbes via that Steam 250 Homepagee, the game has now entered the 10 worst-rated games on the Steam list, currently at number eight. And as more players review the game negatively, it’s likely to move up this list. It’s still not so hated as disaster-pretends-to-be-a-video-game known as eFootball 2022, but it is a low bar to clear.

Battlefield 2042 has had a tough launch, with playwho complains damaged vehicles, poor hitboxes, poor PC performance, point detection and accuracy issues, lack of features and more. While the game received one patch one day, BF 2042 is still in really tough shape. And as a result, on Steam, the game is being reviewed very, very poorly by thousands of players.

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Of the nearly 40,000 reviews on Steam, BF 2042 has only about 9,700 positive reviews. The other 29,000+ reviews are negative, and many complain about lack of weapons, features, and poor PC performance.

“When BF3 came out, I thought to myself, imagine what Battlefield will look like in ten years. Didn’t expect this …” said a popular Steam review.

Players have spent the last few days compiling a list of everything that is missing or broken into BF 2042 and it’s much longer than I expected. Some notable omissions included limited throughput, no standard server browser, removal of the class-based system, no in-game profile or statistics page, no spectator status, and lack of destruction compared to previous games.

Although I expect EA and Dice will work to get better Battlefield 2042 across all platforms I get the clear feeling that this game should not have aired this year. Maybe in a few months, after some major updates, BF 2042 will improve its Steam reviews. But so far it is one of the worst reviewed games on the platform.


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