East Village water pipe rupture causes road closures near the I-5 ramp in East Village

SAN DIEGO – A water main broke Sunday in the East Village, causing flooding and roadblocks, according to city workers.

The incident happened on the 11thth and A Street, where city workers say the A Street driveway to California 163 North and Interstate 5 north will be closed until roads are considered safe.

City workers told FOX 5 that the water main had worked on Sunday morning, and a few hours later it had broken down. The flood has reached some businesses, but sandbags were put out to prevent further damage, city workers said.

Water could be seen running down A Street and onto 10th Avenue. Police said the drains are doing their job, but city workers are currently trying to close the water supply while flooding continues.

The affected streets are expected to be closed for probably a few weeks because the water is deteriorating the road, city workers said.

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