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The “Flacc attack” was back, but the Jets offensive failed to gather enough points as Gang Green lost, 24-17, to the Miami Dolphins.

It was a close match that differed from the last three losses when they are surpassed by 84 points. But Robert Saleh, whose Jets are 2-8, was still frustrated with the end result because he feels they gave the game away compared to the Dolphins who took it.

“You lose by one or 50, it doesn’t matter,” Saleh said. “This one we lost.”

The Jets went with QB Joe Flacco over Mike White because of his experience against the lightning-fast defensive plane that the Dolphins love to run. White has been battling flash this year, and the Dolphins scheme would have given White some trouble. White has a pass rating of 37 when blown.

But Flacco justified Saleh’s decision. He thrived against the blitz and went 12-of-19 in 166 yards and two touchdowns, one of which came in the third quarter.

“I think they came to us a few times. I think you can see many times that there were some balls that we were able to get out,” Flacco said. “I might have been hit. , while I was doing it, but I was able to get them out and get them in the hands of some guys. Overall, I think we did quite well. ”

One of the games that stood out happened late in the third quarter.

Elijah Moore burned Dolphins cornerback Bryon Jones for a 62-yard touchdown grip. Moore ran a thin post and Jones went for the interception and missed. It was a footfall between Moore and Dolphins safety Jevon Holland in the middle of the field. Second round election turned on the jets and scored untouched.

Moore knew the dolphins were sending an exotic flash and knew he was going to win quickly.

“I felt the pressure, by the way, the first nickel flashed. So I knew I had to speed up my route. It was probably 10 yards,” Moore said. “I think I went eight. So I’ve just adjusted … It’s definitely an emotional sting. If you feel like your quarterback is getting hit, you do not want him to get hit. You want him to get the ball out. ”

It was the highlight of a day when Moore collected eight catches for 141 yards and a touchdown.

However, the Jets did not always handle the flash well. Flacco fumbled the ball within the 10-yard line after being smashed by safety Brandon Jones in the second quarter. It cost the Jets points.

Overall, Flacco gave a brave effort, going 24-of-39 in 291 yards with two touchdowns.

But the Jets offensive scored just 17 points.

In today’s NFL, teams can not win with that result. Defense has to perform almost perfectly to overcome it.

And yes, the Jets put up 380 yards, but games like the electric score from Moore were rare.

There were moments when the attack showed potential, like when Michael Carter sprinted for a 39-yard win on the game’s second drive. That put Flacco’s first touchdown pass to Jamison Crowder.

In some promising news for Jets fans, the Jets’ defense finally looked like a competent unit that kept the Dolphins offensive at 24 points. Admittedly, it was not like the Jets defense was going against an explosive unit.

The Dolphins’ offense was averaging 17 points per game. camp, 28. in the NFL, first Sunday. But it’s still an improvement from a Jets group that allowed 175 points in their last four games.

Saleh, however, is not nearly satisfied.

“It could still have been better,” Saleh said. “Thought they were playing butt off. They have worked hard. They’ve been calling all week …[Had] fines for keeping drives running. Had a chance to win in the red zone on a couple of occasions. So it still has to be so much better if we want to be more consistent and play good football. ”

The defense had bone-chilling moments in the third quarter when Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa threw a 65-yard touchdown pass to Mack Hollins in the third.

The Jets were in cover three and lightning Michael Carter II from slot. Hollins also ran a fade route from the slot, and cornerback Isaiah Dunn bet on a hitch route from Albert Wilson. That left a giant hole down the sideline for Tagovailoa to strike to bring the Dolphins up 14-7.

Saleh cited “poor eye discipline” for the defensive breakdown.

Such plays are unforgivable, especially when the dolphins had a hard time throwing down the track.

Other breakdowns occurred in critical parts of the fourth.

With 11 minutes left of the match, tied 14-14, Tagovailoa threw it over the middle to Myles Gaskins and Bryce Hall broke the pass up on third and fourth from the goal line.

But John Franklin-Myers was marked for roughing the ball, which extended the drive, and Tagovailoa threw a touchdown pass a few games later to bring the Dolphins up 20-14.

Another example was when Tagovailoa was fired by Quinnen Williams on a third-and-three with 5:30 left when the Jets were behind by seven.

But Jason Pinnock was marked for a defensive team, which extended the drive. And led to a field goal, to seal the loss for Gang Green.

It was not entirely bad. Ashtyn Davis got her first interception in her career. And the race defense kept the Dolphins at 3.5 yards per game. carry.

So there was some progress for the Jets defense. But mistakes on both sides ended up lowering them.

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