Microsoft, AWS prepares for a new $ 10 billion Pentagon Cloud contract

The Pentagon had to cancel the $ 10 billion JEDI contract awarded to Microsoft in 2019

JEDI contract

Washington: After witnessing a bitter war over the $ 10 billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract, the Pentagon has announced a new cloud initiative to replace the fateful JEDI contract.

The Pentagon had to cancel the 10 billion JEDI contract which was given to Microsoft in 2019, leaving the favorite Amazon out of the race under Donald Trump’s administration.

Now all Cloud giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle have been invited to bid on the “Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability” (JWCC) Cloud contract.

The government expects to award two contracts – one to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and one to Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) – but intends to award to all Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that demonstrate the ability to meet DoD’s requirements. , “The Pentagon said in a statement.

The JEDI contract was intended to modernize the Pentagon’s IT operations for services provided over 10 years. After Microsoft was awarded the ten-year contract in October 2019, AWS had filed a bid protest directly to the DoD, challenging the decision.

Microsoft had said it won the JEDI contract because the U.S. Department of Defense found that it offered “significantly superior” technology at a better price.

Amazon felt that the re-evaluation process was very deficient and subject to unnecessary pressure from former US President Trump.

Not only JEDI, Microsoft and Amazon had also locked horns over another $ 10 billion contract by the US National Security Agency (NSA) won by AWS.

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