Riot reveals more about “Project L”, says no release for 2022

Riot has finally revealed more details about its unnamed upcoming 2D fighting game, currently known only as Project L.

Along with a brand new trailer that is over six minutes long and packed with juicy behind-the-scenes footage, the project gets Tom and Tony Cannon to reveal more about the new League of Legends fighting game taking place in Runeterra.


Project L was confirmed in August 2019, but we did not know much about it other than it was a Riot-developed fighting game. After that, a livestream confirmed that the project would be put into the League of Legends universe … and that was all we knew. Until now, then.

“Our first revelation back in 2019 showed a potential direction we could take the game,” Tom Cannon says in a new blog post. “But, Project L is in R&D, which is the stage in game development where we explore possibilities and find out what’s fun.” Today our explorations bore fruit and we have arrived at a place that we are all very excited about! So now it seemed like a great time to catch up with you, especially with all the Undercity Nights festivities taking place across Riot.


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