Video: Mom renovates home with her bare hands (can your wife do that?)

The image may have been deleted


Men, would not you wish your woman could renovate your entire house with her bare hands?

And viral World Star video shows a mother building a manhole, a kitchen island and kitchen cabinets with her hands while taking care of her infant son.

She posts do-it-yourself videos on TikTok under the username @whatlovebygget.

Back then, we had a class called “shop” in high school. Male teachers taught girls how to build anything with their hands – just like the lady in the video below.

The image may have been deleted


Girls learned how to rebuild car engines, rebuild carburetors and change transmission fluid in cars.

Girls were very independent back then because the internet did not exist to waste free time.

Those days are long gone. But there are good fathers out there who teach their daughters to be self-reliant.


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