5 Unique Casino Games To Play Online

5 Unique Casino Games To Play Online

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In online casinos, there are fewer restrictions on the games that can be played. Let’s take a look at five games you won’t find at your local establishment.


As gambling moves to online and other digital spaces, we have more options than we’ve ever had before. While the most popular games are recreations or imitations of classic casino games, there are some that you wouldn’t see in the average casino.

With that in mind, we have gathered five cases where online casinos offer a gaming service that is unique to websites. Some sites even offer games and gambling opportunities that are unique to that specific site, not anywhere else on the Internet.

1. Roulette Pinball

Roulette pinball is an interesting evolution of the more standard forms of roulette you’ll find on the casino floor. It combines the wagering of roulette with fast-paced pinball action, with the ultimate goal being to bet where the ball will land and what qualities the space will have.

Naturally, such a complex game would require a specialized table, but on the Internet anything is possible.

2. Tile-Matching Games

Also called match-three games, these are a type of puzzle game where the player has a large grid of items that can also take the form of different, interesting shapes. These are popular as a casual game on smartphones, where they make money through microtransactions. If you’ve played games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, you know what we’re talking about.

While keeping some of the microtransactions and boosting features that these games have, some online gambling sites offer jackpots and other bonuses or rewards related to your performance. If you’re skilled at these kinds of games on your smartphone, you may find some luck on sites online, and shake loose some cash by doing so.

3. Prize Line Games

Prize line games are a unique and exciting type of slot machine that has thrived in the world of online gambling. In these games, you work with a grid, typically made from 5×5 blocks. Then you “spin” which is where the columns or rows change and may convert into a tile. There are also bonuses you can land on that will change the rest of the grid in ways that normal slot machines don’t.

Cash awards are given for covering a column or a row, and there may be free spins for some of the higher awards so you can keep growing your bankroll. Thanks to the online element in these games, they have themes and interactive art, sounds, and animations that respond as you play.

4. A.I. Dealers

While this is generalized, you don’t get A.I. management in your real-world casino games. With online gambling, you can play games hosted by live dealers who are capable of providing the human experience for those who want it. Others, however, may prefer to have their game monitored by the site’s own A.I.

It’s natural to be concerned about an A.I. dictating your game. As long as the site is audited and regulated by gambling authorities, the games will be run by sophisticated algorithms that keep things fair. In blackjack, for example, the A.I. dealers will use random number generators to ensure total fairness in how the cards fall.

5. Themed Slots

Slots take up most of the real estate at real-world casinos, so they aren’t necessarily unique to the Internet. With that said, you do get an unparalleled choice with online slot games. Gambling websites don’t need to ship in hundreds of slot machines like casinos do, instead, it’s all run off of software that is easy to manage and even easier to profit from. With it being so easy, sites host entire catalogs of slot games that have different themes, gameplay mechanics, stakes, and payout rewards should you win.

If you visit multiple online gambling sites, you’ll find that their library of slot games is never the same. There may be some commonalities but each one will have its own games that are exclusive to that site, with its own design and payment scheme. There are also partnership deals where sites offer slots that are themed after real-world franchises, something you don’t see often at the blackjack table.

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