Alameda’s police advise companies to be on high alert after several retail thefts

ALAMEDA, California (CROWN) – The Bay Area has been hit by a disturbing amount of organized retail thefts in the past week.

Because of these crimes Alameda Police Department asks retail stores to be on high alert.

Two companies in Alameda were hit Sunday night and early Monday morning. Thanks to security measures in a retail store, the thieves were unable to steal goods.

The thieves were able to get in and take goods in the other store before the police officers arrived.

Alameda police officers advise companies to take the following security measures:

  • Consider installing shatterproof window film
  • Install motion sensor cameras inside to notify you directly if someone comes inside after closing time
  • Remove high-value items from the store floor and secure them in a back room or safe
  • Install glass break alarms

The police warn you not to intervene as a crime takes place. Instead, you can:

  • Be a good witness and contact the police immediately
  • Provide as much detail as possible about personal characteristics, clothing and / or getaway cars

Police are reviewing surveillance videos from the weekend’s events to identify those responsible.

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