Amanda Kloots Talks Fight With Nick Cordero Over Baby Elvis’ Name

Mom’s favorite name! Amanda Kloots and her deceased husband, Nick lam, initially disagreed with their 2-year-old son Elvis’ name.

“Nick fought with me about this for nine months,” he said Dance with the stars alum, 39, told exclusively Us Weekly Saturday, November 20, while being promoted Live your life: My story of loving and losing Nick Cordero. “He said, ‘We are not naming our son Elvis. Get this out of your head.'”

Amanda Kloots reveals fight with Nick Cordero over baby Elvis' name

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero. Lent by Amanda Kloots / Instagram

The native of Ohio thought of the name “early” in her pregnancy and explained, “My mom just loved the name. I just thought Elvis Cordero was just rolling off his tongue at you. Amanda, Nick and Elvis. I thought, ‘This is his name. “And I loved it. It was like an old, classic name that no one used.”

Kloots joked that she at least did not give her son “a strange name like Lotion or something.”

That Talk cohost added: “He fought against me and fought against me. So finally… he said, ‘I knew you were right all along. I just had to fight with you on that.’ “Which is very Nick. If you knew Nick, it’s very Nick. He just wants to fight you because he wants you to fight for it.”

Elvis arrived in June 2019. Cordero died in July the following year due to COVID-19 complications.

“A lot of people have said to me, ‘It’s getting easier [and] time helps, ‘and I do not know if I have found it yet,’ said Kloots exclusively U.S April in mourning for the Broadway star. “I still cry pretty much every day. It’s growing pains.… I think it’s getting easier because you’re learning tools to help yourself. And in the beginning, you do not know those tools yet.”

The dancer added at the time that she “did everything” in her power to be “healthy and active and happy”, explaining: “Grief is a process. Everyone does it differently. I think it gets easier because you learn tools to help themselves. And in the beginning, you do not know those tools yet. “

Kloots has been busy this year. Not only did she pack season 30 off DWTS on Monday, but her AK! Fitness Brand has entered into a partnership with Equinox for home training.

Cordero would be “so proud” of all that she has accomplished, the fitness instructor told Us on Saturday. “He’s with Elvis and I every single day and keeps an eye on us.”

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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