Burglars robbed Wellesley’s home while residents were inside


Unlocked houses in Edgewater Drive and the River Glen Road neighborhood were targeted, officials said.

Police say burglars stole from several unlocked but occupied homes in Wellesley over the weekend, according to a declaration.

According to police, the thieves aimed at homes in Edgewater Drive and the River Glen Road neighborhood between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Officials say the burglars entered most of the homes through unlocked doors and stole items while residents were present.

Residents were not aware that anyone was in the house until they discovered the missing items, according to police.

In one case, according to officials, a vacant but locked house that was to be demolished was also broken into.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, police are asking residents to take precautions to keep their homes, vehicles and families safe.

“Please lock all the doors to your home, especially if you are traveling,” police said in the statement. “It’s also important to set your home alarm and call the police to report suspicious activity.”

Police added that cars have been broken into, most recently on Carver Road, and stolen from surrounding towns.

“Many of these car burglaries and car thefts are a result of the car being unlocked with the keys left inside,” police said in the statement.

Wellesley police officers and detectives are investigating the burglaries. Anyone with information please contact Officer Mike Mankavech at 781-235-1212 or [email protected]

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