D&D Homebrew Rake Monster is The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob’s worst nightmare

One user created their own home-brewed sensuous diet monster in Dungeons and Dragons, and it reminds people of a classic Simpsons scene.

ONE Dungeons & Dragons DM has just shared a new home-brewed monster they have created, and many people point out its similarities to a classic Simpsons scene. The monster, called “Invisible Rake”, evokes for many the image of Sideshow Bob, who steps on a rake again and again, and is the perfect kind of monster for a DM to create chaos in their party.

Home-brewed content in D&D has always been popular in the community – it allows DMs to flex their creativity outside of the official game content and explore new unique content in their campaigns. Home-brewed creations can cover a wide range of features in the game, from new creatures and spells to whole new worlds. These home-brewed campaigns often take inspiration from other elements of pop culture where DMs create D&D promotions that include items like popular superheroes, famous video game monsters, or classic movie options. Like any creative gaming community, players often go online to share their creations, inspire others, and encourage even more home-brewed gaming.


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Twitter user stay on your couch shared their own fun home-brewed monster this week: a sentient rake that they said they made to “annoy their players.” Other players were quick to point out that the creature has some serious damage potential. Of course, more than any unexpected party member, the character who perhaps has the most to fear from this creation is Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. A joke first appears in The Simpsons Season 5, Episode 2, “Cape Feare, “gag contains a long sequence of the villainous character Sideshow Bob, who tries to navigate across a parking lot filled with river, repeatedly stepping on them and hitting himself in the face was quickly infamous among fans of the series. Now a recurring joke in the show, many people started bringing the similarities of the home-brewed monster up with the classic bit as soon as it came online and it’s easy to see why.

Despite the similarities with such a simple joke, the chaotic neutral D&D homebrew rake is actually very thoughtfully designed. The creator took into account realistic vulnerabilities – such as a wooden rake being susceptible to fire – along with realistic immunities, such as a diet unaffected by poison. The dieter can appropriately use a surprise attack when a creature enters their room and shows up to perform a slap in the face, much like the classic Simpsons broom. The being even has immunity to being disadvantaged while being inclined. This is strange because a prone creature typically has a disadvantage in attacking, which would be a problem for a rake whose natural position lies on the ground waiting for unsuspecting characters, but the user stays on your couch included a special ability for their rake that negates this. With this amount of careful reflection in the creature, this diet seems like the perfect home-brewed creation for a DM who wants to add something silly, Simpsons-theme chaos in their campaign.

Dungeon masters often express the desire to spice up their campaigns in one way or another – sometimes it’s because they’re tired of the official D&D game content, or because they think the campaign has become too easy for their seasoned players. Home-brewed creations like this can be the perfect addition to a campaign that feels old, and create memorable moments in the game that will help both the players and the DM have fun in their campaign – this time with some Simpsons flair.

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Source: stay on your couch / Twitter

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