Following Britney Spears’ Victory, lawyer Mathew Rosengart joins the legal team to release artist Peter Max

On the heels of a big win for pop star Britney Spears, Hollywood prosecutor Mathew Rosengart steps into yet another guardianship case for a high-profile person: the iconic artist Peter Max, whose family is struggling to get him out of court. arrangement.

Max, the German American artist known for his use of bright colors, psychedelic style and pop art, which often includes American symbolism, is under guardianship, as his family says, has isolated him, medicated him and deprived him of civil liberties.

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Max, 84, helped renovate the Statue of Liberty and created works of art for many U.S. presidents, including Kennedy, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush.

“I am honored to join the team’s commendable efforts to seek justice for Peter Max,” Rosengart said in a statement obtained by Variety. “This characterizes the type of guardianship that deserves judicial attention and potential state and federal law. Guardianship and state intervention should be an absolute last resort, and this case justifies a new look and implementation of less restrictive measures and the restoration of fundamental human rights. We will fight hard to achieve newfound freedoms for this American icon. “

Max’s daughter, Libra Max, has asked for an end to her world-famous father’s guardianship, which she calls “predators”.

Max’s daughter claims her father has been isolated without access to his phone, his emotional support pets taken away and his friends and family unable to visit him unless they have permission from his guardian and agree to sign confidentiality agreements. She says her father’s guardians and court-appointed lawyers continue to bill his property for hundreds of thousands of dollars each year without his consent or knowledge.

“My father has a network of family and friends who want to be with him in the twilight of his life. The abuse he has been subjected to at the hands of the predator protection system is incomprehensible, ”Libra Max said in a prepared statement. “I’m excited that Matt said yes to joining our team in the fight for my dad. This guardianship must end.”

Max’s case marks the next major guardianship battle for Rosengart, who has been hailed as a hero by the #FreeBritney movement after he and his company successfully worked to get Spears’ father suspended from her conservatory, and then terminated the event earlier on month after more than 13 years.

Rosengart – a former federal prosecutor who has worked on many A-lists, including Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and currently represents Facebook – continues his work on Spears’ case as the Princess of Pop faces an uphill legal battle, fighting for justice against her father and former manager of her property, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group.

After Spears’ victorious hearing when her conservatory was closed, Rosengart was asked during a press conference in the courthouse if he would represent actress Amanda Bynes, who is under a conservatory. “I have not been asked and it is not something I would get into right now,” Rosengart replied on the question of the former “All That” child star.

Like Spears, whose fans started the #FreeBritney movement to fight for her freedom when they first said she was detained against her will, a #FreePeterMax campaign has also been launched for the artist, which has raised thousands of signatures.

A hearing in Max’s case is scheduled for Nov. 30 in the New York State Supreme Court.

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