Joe Biden, Jill Biden Celebrate Thanksgiving with Troops in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden joined service members in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Monday for an early Thanksgiving celebration to thank troops and their families for their service.

Bidens expressed gratitude to the families who supported their service members while seconded, and recalled vacations spent without their late son Beau Biden while deployed abroad as an officer with the Delaware National Guard.

“I do not only want to thank you warriors, I want to thank your families because they are waiting. And I know how hard it is to have someone who is not sitting at the table on a holiday who is in danger who finds himself out of the country because that’s it, every time – our son was in Iraq for a year before that, Kosovo, ”Mr Biden said.

Mrs Biden added: “We are so grateful for everything you do and Joe and I feel like you know you are our family and we can not thank you enough.”

After their remarks, Mr. Bitten on an apron with the president’s seal and served the Thanksgiving meal with Mrs. Biden.

The visit marked a continuation of a long-standing tradition of the commander-in-chief celebrating the holiday with troops and thanking them for their service.

This year’s celebration, the first since Mr Biden’s heavily criticized withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, was especially held on American soil.

Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush commonly visited troops in Iraq and Afghanistan during the holidays while in office.

The president and first lady are scheduled to travel to Nantucket, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, where they will stay during the holiday week.

Jeff Mordock contributed to this report.

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