Lucifer Star teams up with PETA to warn against Tiger King-esque Cub pets in zoos

Lucifer’s Lesley-Ann Brandt appears in a new public service announcement to PETA, asking fans to stop visiting Tiger King-like children’s zoos.

Lucifer Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt recently teamed up with PETA in hopes of encouraging fans and co-mothers to stop visiting pets at wildlife zoos, such as those featured in Netflix’s hit Tiger King series.

The actor appears in a new public service announcement posted on PETA’s YouTube page, which was filmed at California’s Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-accredited Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Sanctuary. In addition to providing animals with lifelong care, breeding, buying, selling or permitting the sanctuary does not allow public encounters with the animals.

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“As a mother, my worst nightmare is that I will survive my son, or that my baby would be taken from me,” Brandt says on the spot. “That’s why I’m here to ask you, mother to mother, never to support pets. Like us, they love their babies. They want to raise them. And their babies will and need it, too.”

The actor further explains that vulnerable pups are often terrified when sent around by people during photo shoots and public meetings, and that mothers are left crushed when their pups are taken away. Brandt also notes that young pups are regularly killed or sent to barbaric zoos along the way when they become too large to interact with the public.

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“Please, let us stand up for our co-mothers and help end this abuse,” the South African native concludes. “Never take part in photo shoots with wild animals, and never visit a zoo along the way.”

Brandt is best known for his portrayal of the Mazikeen in Lucifer, which ended earlier this year after six seasons. Back in March, Brandt posted a selfie of herself on the set of the series, revealing that it was her last day of filming with Lucifer actor Tom Ellis. “Last Mazikeen and Lucifer scene ever. So many sensations. Let’s do this,” she wrote the caption to the image. Later that day, Brandt added, “What a scene. What a day. Thank you [Tom Ellis] for everything during action and clips and everything after too. Forever, your Mazikeen. “

PETA has a history of shouting Hollywood over ethical concerns involving live animals. In addition to requiring Disney to support a pro-adoption announcement after the release of Cruella earlier this year asked the Los Angeles City Animal Rights Organization to open a study on the treatment of animals on the set of Jackass forever in July.

Brandt joins a growing list of well-known PETA ambassadors, which also includes Michael Keaton, Joaquin Phoenix, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer and Krysten Ritter.

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