Magneto’s daughter Polaris has just put a new spin on her darkest attack

In X-Men # 5, the new team is apparently defeated by the fiercely anti-mutant Reavers until Polaris steps forward and uses a dark move from Magnetos.

WARNING: Spoilers for X-Men # 5 ahead!

Lorna Dane, the magnetic mutant known as Polaris, finally gets her chance to prove she’s as powerful as her father Magneto in the coming X-Men # 5. Polaris was the winner of the fan-selected position on Krakow’s newly formed X-Men team, and in their latest adventure, she must quickly live up to her fans’ expectations, as well as stay cool in the face of her father’s current legal predicament in The lawsuit against Magneto.

Polaris has a long and complicated history with both her father and with the X-Men in general, who is usually portrayed as a hero, but has repeatedly lost control of her powers due to mental illness and a series of traumatic events she has endured. However, since settling in her new home on Krakoa, Lorna has stabilized a lot and has become a big part of Northstars X-factor investigation team. It has been established that Lorna has enormous magnetic forces, just like Magneto, and in the latest X-Men fight, she shows a new twist on one of her father’s darkest attacks.


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IN X-Men # 5 – illustrated by Ze Carlos, Javier Pina and Pepe Larraz with authorship by Gerry Duggan – the new team is up against an old enemy, the rabid anti-mutant Reavers, but this time their enemies have some serious upgrades, including sedatives that negate mutant powers. The Reavers have taken the entire X-Men team out with their attacks, and Lorna is the only one who apparently was not shot with a power-down arrow. As the last mutant to stand, Polaris must find a way to arm those around her and save his team by using a new twist on one of her father’s worst attacks. Take a peek:

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One of the most infamous moments in Magneto’s supervillain career came in the 90’s event Deadly attraction, when Magneto literally ripped adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton and came closer to killing him than anyone else has ever done. While it may sound like there is no way this attack can ever be considered “good” in the preview of the upcoming X-Men # 5 it appears that Lorna is using a similar attack on the X-23 to “use her” as a weapon. It’s clear that Polaris’ characteristic green-magnetic glow is around Laura Kinney, who still seems unconscious, suggesting that Lorna is using Wolverine as a living weapon by controlling her adamantium skeleton.

Hopefully, Lorna and Laura have discussed this type of attack strategy before, because it is not the best look for Lorna to use the body of an unconscious teammate as a weapon without consent. Assuming this plan was discussed as a team, however, it is a truly intelligent and sneaky use of Polaris’ enormous magnetism and her father’s brutal thinking, and it may well lead to Polaris saving the entire X-Men team. Be sure to check out X-Men # 5 to see about Polaris’ innovative use of Magnets darkest attack is going to succeed, and if Lorna is able to save her team, she will officially cement her as a key member of the Krakoan X-Men.

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