Mass Effect 2 choice that doesn’t really matter

For a game centered on player choice and narrative influence, many seemingly big decisions in Mass Effect 2 actually don’t mean that much at all.

The player’s freedom is the very heart of Mass effect series, but when elections are so central, some elections ultimately do not end up being as important as others. The entire trilogy puts players at the center of an extensive narrative, one that changes and evolves depending on the decisions Shepard makes during the franchise. Unfortunately, not all of the choices BioWare gives fans actually matter significantly in the long run. There are lots that seem to be completely forgotten as the series continues, and many more that are simply made irrelevant in later games. Mass Effect 2 is no exception and there are several decisions to be found that do not have much impact on the history and universe of Mass effect.


The series has at times been the subject of criticism thanks to this very issue. Many fans protested strongly against the original ending Mass Effect 3, who felt for some that the decisions were all the same and did not significantly change the outcome of the trilogy. It gave an anticlimactic conclusion, especially considering that the series had been building up to it for years. Fortunately, the later release of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut helped repair this. That Extended version DLC is also included in the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which has brought renewed focus to the franchise within the last year.

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On top of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is also the 2020 unveiling of Mass Effect 4, which looks like it will bring the series back to its roots by bringing characters and story elements back from the original trilogy. Many BioWare fans hope the studio will take the opportunity to build on some of the storytelling units used in the other games. This of course includes the player decisions mentioned in Mass effect. Get the release off ME4, there is a chance that choices will be more meaningful, something that can hopefully compensate for some of the disappointing results seen in games such as. Mass Effect 2.

Small decisions that are meaningless in ME2

Some of the choices presented to players in Mass Effect 2 sounds like they could have major consequences. For example, Mordin’s Mass Effect 2 recruitment mission in the quarantine zone at Omega poses a dilemma for Shepard and their crew. The plague only affects alien species. Garrus, for example, has a unique dialogue if he is involved in recruiting Mordin. The game initially makes it seem as if there will be serious consequences to exposing Garrus to the disease. He begins to get sick halfway through the mission, and many smaller NPCs encountered along the way are either dying or dead as a result of the plague. When players reach Mordin, he heals Shepard’s crew with no problems at all. The negative effects of the disease are never taken up again, no matter who is taken with them.

Another example comes under one of the many N7 side missions included in Mass Effect 2. That “Lost operational“mission ends with giving Shepard access to sensitive Cerberus data, which could allegedly cause irreparable damage to the organization if it fell into the hands of the Alliance. Players are presented with three options. They can either upload the data to Cerberus, the Alliance, or keep Unfortunately, the result only really changes the email that Shepard receives after the mission is completed.There are no real consequences for Cerberus regardless of player choice, which is especially disappointing given the role they play in Mass Effect 3.

Do loyalty missions matter in Mass Effect 2?

For the most part, loyalty missions are presented as one of the most important aspects of Mass Effect 2. Whether or not a companion is loyal to Shepard affects their survival during the final part of the game, ME2‘s infamous suicide mission. That said, each crew member’s loyalty mission also includes some secondary decisions that appear to be equally important in the future. Taking the Legion on Talis’ loyalty mission, for example, could have had the potential to spark some significant discussions about the Quarian and Geth conflict. Instead, the election is unlikely to have an impact outside of a few new dialogue opportunities. Retaining or destroying Keiji’s Graybox during Kasumi’s loyalty mission is likewise an anticlimax, given what happens to the data later in Mass Effect 3.

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More drastically, there are quite a few loyalty missions where a crew member tries to execute another character. Jack, Miranda, Mordin and Garrus are just a few examples of this storytelling troupe. While Shepard has the option to stop each of them, the choice does not matter so much in terms of the morale of the crew members. The grades will still be essentially the same in Mass Effect 3 whether or not Shepard allows them to perform the action. This means that there is no real reason to prevent Garrus from shooting Sidonis or prevent Mordin from killing Maelon. These missions could have been a great opportunity Mass effectcrew members to develop unique personalities based on Shepard’s customization.

The end of Mass Effect 2 does not matter in ME3

Perhaps most disappointing of all is the fact that Mass Effect 2‘s completion, including both the suicide mission and Arrival DLC, is all the same when it comes to Mass Effect 3. At the end of the suicide mission, Shepard must choose between rescuing or destroying Collector Base. Most players assume that retaining the base and handing it over to Cerberus to study will have serious consequences. In fact, the only thing it affects is the number of war assets players have when they start Mass Effect 3. Likewise is Arrival DLC ind Mass Effect 2 brings up the moral dilemma of warning the Baraic colonies of their impending destruction. Whether or not Shepard tries to alert them, the call is interrupted before it can end. Apart from a few dialogue changes and a slightly higher number of war assets, it generally does not matter whether Arrival the enlargement has been completed at all or not.

There are many more choices that have little or no bearing on Mass Effect 3, but these are some of the most significant. It can be disappointing to consider what Mass Effect 2 could have been in the form of player freedom and character development. Maybe in the future Mass effect series will provide more opportunities for dynamic narrative shifts. Until the release of Mass Effect 4However, BioWare fans will just have to wonder what could happen next.

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