Ridley Scott does not know what real Italians sound like; Gaga and Leto are Cringy Method actors

Renowned director Ridley Scott either lies or has never really heard an Italian accent from real life. In a press release, he claims he was impressed with Gaga and Jared Leto’s method:

At first I was anxious – the fact that some smart aleck could say, “Well, it’s Italians. Why is it not in Italian? “

And then I would say, “Well, because, your idiot, you should have subtitles and people do not usually watch expensive subtitle movies. ” [citation needed bc parasite won 6 Oscars including best picture] That is the answer. And so they say, “Well, I was distracted because of the Italian accent.” But in this, they were so skilled, and it was just so tied to who they were. I mean, there are moments when Jared was positively comical. Fantastic.”

Okay. Of course. I would be sweet to say that the trailer might have been misleading as to the accuracy of these accents.



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