The 10 best episodes of Miz & Mrs., according to IMDb

Many people consider pro wrestling to be a perfect combination of athletic sport with the drama of soap operas. So it made complete sense in 2013, when WWE started producing reality TV shows, starting with Total Divas. It spawned a spin-off Total fine and then came Miz & Mrs.

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This series was ideal as The Miz had a story on reality TV thanks to a long stay on MTVs The real world and Maryse was a star at Total Divas. The best episodes of the series follow their marriage, the birth of their children and the crazy mishaps they have with their family members.

10 Proud Papa (Season 1, Episode 4) – 8.2

Miz and Maryse are looking at their baby

There are actually a handful of episodes bound with a rating of 8.2. “Proud Papa” gets the nod though, as it has the most overall scores given on IMDb, which puts it at the top. This early series episode focused on a monumental moment in the lives of both Miz and Maryse.

As the title suggests, it’s about the birth of the “It” couple’s first daughter, Monroe. While the moment itself was very emotional and something fans loved to see, the highlight of the episode was probably watching Maryse shop with her mother Marjo as she tried to keep her out of the delivery room.

9 Miz Little Lies (Season 2, Episode 2) – 8.3

Miz and Maryse look at spooky dolls

With a title that clearly plays out of the award-winning HBO series Big little lies, this episode of Miz & Mrs. was actually a lot more comical than the drama in that show. The focal point was that Miz and Maryse moved all the way back from Texas to Los Angeles.

This was a huge deal as the actual move to Texas was a big part of season 1 and came with all sorts of issues. As they unpacked their belongings and settled in Los Angeles (which is ideal for Miz ‘acting career), they also handled the impending arrival of another baby on the road.


8 Miz & Maryse Time Alone (Season 1, Episode 9) – 8.3

Miz and Maryse talk to the camera

Although the jokes of Miz, Maryse, Marjo and Miz ‘parents are crazy enough to make fans laugh on their own, the series often moves into classic TV territory. That’s when they choose to put these people into the kind of tropics that are expected on sitcoms.

Although the show is reality, some aspects are set up to bring the humor as they would on traditional television. This episode did it with Miz and Maryse doing anything to get some alone time away from their newborn, which included moving Monroe to her own crib.

7 Dirt Sheet Duo Rides Again (Season 2, Episode 12) – 8.3

Maryse takes a selfie

The start of The Miz’s WWE career was rocky. Fans did not take him seriously and his accomplices did not like him because of his reality TV roots. It took a while for him to become prominent and gain respect, which he did with his tag teammate, John Morrison.

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In this season 2 episode, Miz was reunited with Morrison when the latter signed a new deal with WWE. Just seeing them interact again was a welcome sight for viewers. There were also some fun role changes going on as Maryse was preparing for a role in a movie.

6 Miz’s First Pitch (Season 1, Episode 13) – 8.4

Miz and Mrs season 1

He may also be a big wrestling star with a Hollywood career, but The Miz has never forgotten where he came from. The man makes clear his love for his hometown of Cleveland, which spearheaded this episode, “Miz’s First Pitch.”

In it, Miz had the ceremonial first pitch thrown out before a match, representing his favorite Major League Baseball team. On top of that, this episode was funny for Miz and Marjo, who had a war posting embarrassing videos online and under-plotted about Maryse working hard to fight again.

5 Baby Gender Miztery (Season 2, Episode 3) – 8.5

Miz holds hands with her daughter Monroe

As mentioned, the start of season 2 focused on the news of Maryse’s second pregnancy. This episode showed that a sex revelation party was being held which brought many of the family friends together. It included music stars, wrestlers, actors and more.

Although most viewers already knew the baby was a girl, the episode was still an explosion due to the personalities involved. There was also an underplot where Miz ‘father George basked in the glory of his little fame after appearing in a very meme episode at 6 p.m. WrestleMania.

4 Mizectomy (Season 2, Episode 20) – 8.6

Maryse and Miz on the couch

“Mizectomy” is actually the latest episode of Miz & Mrs. to air. At the end of season 2, this finale worked because it combined the two things that fans like best about the series.

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First, it had a story where Miz had other thoughts about getting a vasectomy, and viewers love when the show is about family matters. On the other side of things, cheerfulness arose when Maryse took George for a makeover, and the in-laws’ jokes are always a highlight in this reality series. Putting these plots together gave a great ending.

3 Miz Fest (Season 1, Episode 14) – 8.6

Ryan Cabrera greets Miz

During his run on season 30 of Dance with the stars, The Miz was often praised by the judges for its impressive physique. As a professional wrestler, it makes sense that he is in good shape and looks good. Alas, that was not what he believed in this episode.

“Miz Fest” saw the titular father struggle with what he considered to be his “father-bod”. While doing this, Maryse planned a surprise birthday party for him, which meant that many familiar faces showed up to add to the fun of the situation.

2 French Invasion (Season 1, Episode 19) – 8.8

Miz stands between two arrow targets

The penultimate episode of season 1 saw a bit of a change in the format of the show. Most of the time, apart from Maryse’s mother Marjo, Miz’s family is at the center. His parents are nearby pretty often, and his friends from wrestling and Cleveland show up from time to time.

Maryse’s family, who are from Quebec, are a rare sight, so their arrival made “French invasion” a treat. It created some crazy interactions, but the really big angle this time around made Miz too competitive in video games against other wrestler / YouTuber Xavier Woods, and lost Maryse’s championship belt to him in a bet.

1 IT Pairs in LA (Season 1, Episode 20) – 9.0

Miz and Maryse arrive in LA

The last two sections of Miz & Mrs. season 1 was the series at its best. These two rates scored the highest, with the final placement just over. “The IT Couple in LA” saw Miz and Maryse return to Los Angeles for the first time since their big move to Texas.

Some of the usual jokes were had, like Maryse’s pants that cracked while out in public, but things took a more serious turn late. She revealed she was pregnant for the second time and it sent them on their way back to Los Angeles forever.

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