Twitter launches Cyber ​​Week with ‘Live Shopping’ test

Twitter is testing a new Live Shopping feature where users can browse, shop and shop while watching a livestream and without leaving the app.

Twitter is testing a new ‘Live Shopping’ feature that lets users browse and shop items while watching a livestream. Earlier this year, the social media platform announced a pilot program that lets users shop without having to leave the app. However, the feature was only made available to iOS users. This latest test comes with a similar limitation.

Twitter has been testing many things lately, including a Twitter Blue subscription service. The subscription allows users to read ad-free articles in the Twitter app and customize the app with themes and custom app icons. Most importantly, it lets users undo a tweet before it is sent. While it may not be an actual edit button, the app delays the message, giving a brief opportunity to make a change. Sub-en costs $ 3 pr. month, so users will have to decide if it’s an acceptable amount for a few cosmetic features and the ability to delay a tweet before hitting send.


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Twitter is now testing a new Live Shopping feature that makes it easier for users to shop while watching a livestream. During the broadcast, viewers will see a list of products below the video along with the option to be redirected to a page to purchase any of the items without having to close the video or app. The first livestream ever will be Sunday, November 28 at. 19:00 ET. Twitter is working with Walmart and, according to the company, wants singer Jason Derulo executive order. The event runs for 30 minutes and highlights, “electronics, home furnishings, clothing, seasonal decor, surprise special guests and more, “although it will only be available on iOS and desktop.

Is Live Shopping here to stay?

Other social platforms, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, have also tested shopping features in their apps. It is unclear which company will come out on top in this situation, or even whether users actually want to shop through a social media service. With these services all seemingly keen on making shopping a part of their strategy, it seems likely that some version of Twitter’s feature will remain, even if it does not look or function exactly like the version currently being tested.

Twitter is an interesting place to say the least, and the company has a habit of always testing new features. While some launch and end up being part of the overall experience, others are abandoned. Therefore, Twitter could just as well choose to completely end its shopping ambitions and at short notice.

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