Color power: 4 colors that help you kill negativity at home

We have all seen people with colorful personalities and there is a reason we call them that. They are a mixture of several emotions and their personality does not seem to fade even in a crowd of 100. It is a reflection of how colors affect our lives so much that we start looking for them even in humans.

But how many times do we worry about the color combination in our home? Not very often. But colors determine our lives and mood. Some colors boost our mood, while others send us into depression.

So here are 4 colors that we should add to our home to kill the negativity around.

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Whites can never go wrong. A pinch of white in total changes the whole mood. Not to mention, it’s also in trend. So if you want to paint your house white, do not think about it. White walls topped with contrasting curtains help make the house well lit. It also helps boost one’s mood and give him or her happy vibes. If you have been through a hard day, try going back to a house with white around, it will give you comfort, hope and peace of mind.

White walls


Yellow indicates happiness. This color automatically gives hope and positivity. Paint a wall yellow, or add some yellow furniture to your living room and see the magic. The color will not only jump out and become the lifeline of your home, but will also make you feel happy all day long. If you want to go low and still set a different tone, choose yellow curtains for your white or neutral walls. This will bring life to your home.


The color of this love makes you feel at home. While it may be a bold choice, a touch of red in the decor will sometimes be good to go. Paint a corner red, or go for wall hangings or portraits whose predominant color is red and you’re right. Also red pillows and blankets can make the deal for you. If it’s a little too much, choose something that has a touch of red in it.

red furniture


While green can be a slightly high color, more so, if your home has subtle tones, it’s good for killing negativity. Choose indoor plants that do not help clean the air, but which will also be the right choice to use green in your home with care. Be sure to keep them in an open space where they are able to flourish and live and see the difference in your life.

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