Hulus ‘Candified: Home for the Holidays’ has a life-size candy cabin built by ‘Candy Queen’ and her staff

NEW YORK – You can experience a candy dream come true with a life-size candy cabin in Hulu’s new series “Candiified: Home for the Holidays.”

“I always go back to when I was six years old and saw ‘Willy Wonka’ and everything from there unfolded,” said Jackie Sorkin, “Candy Queen.”

It is a winter wonderland of cotton candy, gums, sour strips and marshmallows, as the sugar explosion is carefully designed for a home. There’s a rubber chandelier, a working sink that provides chocolate milk, and a sugar cube igloo filled with marshmallows.

“We always try to incorporate sweets, chocolates, delicious things that our guests can eat,” Sorkin said. But most of it is meant to be enjoyed with your eyes.

The incredible work does not always come easily, and Sorkin’s real employees can bring the drama while fighting over the placement of candy on a desk or the accidental destruction of a penguin that took days to build.

“Really, what everyone sees is this incredible team, which for me is really emotional, I know it’s a business, I know where we’re going, I know why we work so hard, the vision, the goal, the promise, purpose, what, all that, I understand that, but this is my family to me, “she said.

You will see the whole project take place complete with a big revelation for a group of children and an investor considering building a candy hotel.

“Things are happening in Tennessee, Nashville, that make me want to die with you right now,” Sorkin said. “So yes, things are happening!”

Do not miss Hulus’ “Candiified: Home for the Holidays”, with all four episodes streaming starting Wednesday, December 1st.

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