Lying media forced to issue humiliating Kyle Rittenhouse corrections

Some liars in the fake corporate media have begun the humiliating process of correcting some of their lies about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Hi, would like to know who has not had to issue any corrections to the Kyle Rittenhouse story, or Russia Colllusion Hoax, or Freddie Gray Hoax, or Jussie Smollett Hoax, or Michael Avenatti or the fire extinguisher who (did ‘t) kill Brian Sicknick, or “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” or the rape that did not take place at the University of Virginia, or Russia Bounty Hoax, or the Hunter Biden laptop story or the laboratory leak theory, or the Covington Kids, or, or , or … New media, that’s who! We got all the stories correct – every single one of them. And the corporate media, the establishment media, took them all wrong.

Of course we all make mistakes, but come on …

And here we go again with the Kyle Rittenhouse story, which the lying pigs in the corporate media continue to deliberately err in the hope of inciting racial riots in democracy-ruled cities. Well, a few media outlets have spread such daring lies that they have been ashamed to correct them. The shameless, however, refuse to correct anything.

This Fox News history points out how the fake media failed at the basic facts of the story and did so to push for a ridiculous tale that Rittenhouse grabbed a gun and crossed state borders to fight black people in Kenosha.

First, what does crossing state borders have to do with anything?

Kenosha is not far from the border with Illinois. Even if it were not, the whole premise is empty hyperbole.

Second, Rittenhouse did not bring its AR-15 across state borders. The rifle was already in Kenosha at a friend’s home. In addition, he has family in Kenosha. So no, he did not rush off to some foreign city “armed for battle”, which is how the liars at. Meet the nation Put it.

Associated Press

Kyle Rittenhouse walks along Sheridan Road in Kenosha, Wis., On this August 25, 2020 file image. Before midnight, he used his Smith & Wesson AR-style semi-automatic machine to shoot three people and kill two. After an approximately two-week trial, a jury will soon consider whether Rittenhouse is guilty of charges, including murder, which could send him to life in prison. (Adam Rogan / The Journal Times via AP, fil)

So who else took it wrong? That usual liars: Joe Scarborough, Joy Behar, Don Lemon, den New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Gothamist, Glamor, Esquire, Deadspin, Reuters and Washington Post.

So far, according to to Fox, Reuters only, Meet the nation, and Washington Post has issued corrections.

Have you ever noticed how all these lies through all these years only happen in one direction …?

This is because these are deliberate lies told to deliberately deceive those who are still stupid enough to believe the corporate media.

This lie used to make me angry. Now I enjoy it. Lying is the reason why the media loses their power to influence public opinion. Every lie is a nail in the coffin of the fake media. My prayer is that these pigs will never stop lying.

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