Satyameva Jayate 2 vs Antim Box Office Prediction: John Abraham, Salman Khan & Aayush Sharma to Fight

Hindi Film Industry is preparing for the first clash at the box office in the pandemic, as Satyameva Jayate 2 and Antim: The Final Truth are set to premiere in theaters this weekend. While the Milap Zaveri director arrives on Thursday 25 November, it will later be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar on the big screen on Friday 26 November. The two films will premiere on roughly the same number of screens at the box office and this brings us to the opening day debate.

Since we are a working Thursday release, we expect John Abraham fronted actions to collect collections in the range of Rs 6.80 to 8.30 crore. The film has the benefit of being a solo release on Thursday, as the clash factor only seeps in from its second day, resulting in screen and show sharing. The biz for SMJ 2 on Friday and Saturday will definitely stay during the opening day and the same should match up to the first day on Sunday. The four-day weekend for this action is expected to be in the range of Rs 26.5 to 29 crore and the overall longevity depends on word of mouth.


The film is a full-fledged mass entertainer and the single screens are expected to be the key contributors in terms of biz. Any upward of Rs 8 crore would be a very good result for SMJ 2. The franchise factor and hit music should pull the audience in the mass belt and result in one of the 5 best openers for a solo John Abraham movie. The trend this weekend depends on the talk among the audience.

Antim: The Final Truth has opted for a conventional Friday release and we expect the film to bring together collections in the range of Rs 8.00 to 9.50 crore. The film is being marketed as a clash of titans between Salman Khan (cop) and Aayush Sharma (gangster), but it is far from being a conventional start to the Salman Khan movie. The opening may be higher or lower depending on the spotbooking and enthusiasm among the local fans of Salman who do not have a presence on social media. Given that Salman has been the face of the campaign, we expect the film to have a respectable opening and then depend on word of mouth in a lifelong character, and much also depends on the kind of screen time that Salman has in the film. A double-digit day would be a very good result for Antim.


If the talk about Antim is positive, we expect the film to jump on Saturday and Sunday to be close to Rs 30 million in total. And if the talk is negative, we might see a flat weekend in the range of Rs 25 crore. The exact number of screenshots and show sharing of both films is still unknown, and much also depends on the logistical factors. All in all, if the two films manage to provide a weekend upside of Rs 55 crore, it would mean a good Friday for the industry, as the same would again announce the revival of cinema halls to some degree. A weekend of 55 crore without holiday would be a commendable feat in the time of day where Maharashtra operates with 50% capacity ceiling.

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