Black Adam Producer explains why The Rock did not debut for the first time in Shazam!

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia has revealed why the character got a solo film and did not star in 2019’s Shazam! as planned.


We all know that there is an almost bottomless well of superheroes out there that both Marvel and DC can choose from when deciding who to bring into their respective universes next time, but even though there are some that are quite easy could split screen time in one movie, ultimately Producers have to decide whether to be seen in a crossover movie or branch out according to their own merits. Such a decision was made by DC to bring Shazam! and Black Adam to cinemas in solo films, and it seems to have worked well for everyone, but it could have been very different, as producer Hiram Garcia revealed.

Originally, Johnson’s Black Adam was written as the villain in 2019 Shazam! film, but halfway through the development, the decision was made to give the character his own film, and now we’re home just before we get to see The Rock’s epic hero “shake up the hierarchy of DCEU” – according to his own commercial for the film anyway. Garcia spoke to Screen Rant in an interview, explaining how the potential for Black Adam was too much to ignore, and having two huge characters in a movie would not give either of them room to fully develop.


On the question of what it was like to finally get to the point Black Adam almost ready, after being under development since 2014, Garcia said: “Yes. I remember it’s so much fun. I always like to keep my finger on the pulse. And so many fans are always like:” This movie never happens. He’s been talking about it forever. “But from the moment he walked on the set in that costume to finally being there after so many years of development. And the reason for that was that it’s not a simple character to crack, and that is not an easy movie to tell.And we went through so many repetitions.But I think when we realized we wanted to separate Black Adam and Shazam where we tried to introduce them both in the same movie and obviously realized, “Not only are both characters so different, I think in the kind of story you want to tell about them, but they just both require so much space in terms of really wanting to introduce them to the world.”

He continued: “And when we were able to separate them, things really started to pick up. So the years of development paid off and to get the team we have now. And again, the first moment he went on the set , as Black Adam was one of the things I will always forget.And for him too, and I know him just so well, and to see how turned on he was to just be in that costume.And our instructor made the coolest camera test where there’s this incredible music being played. The whole set felt like when this happened, it was a real moment. So we’m excited. We’re grinding away at it. I’m looking forward to you “See it. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it, and he’s a very different character that we’ve not really seen in the DC world yet. So it’s exciting.”

What makes the decision to introduce Black Adam in a solo film even more impressive is that much better known characters like Wonder Woman did not get their own film until after they appeared in other team-ups, so there is a lot going on. on. reception Black Adam gets when it hits theaters next year. But with Johnson on a mission to make sure everyone goes to see the film, it would be a brave soul who would refuse his invitation. This news comes to us from Screen Rant.

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