DC reveals a scary new Robin who claims to be the first ever

A scary new Robin has appeared in the DC Universe, claiming that they are the very first person to use the superhero name.

Warning! Spoilers for Robins # 1 by DC Comics

As current and past Robins gathered in the DC Universe, a scary new villain claims to be the first person ever to use the superhero’s code name. IN Robins # 1, the problem ends with a seemingly new character popping up who says they’re the first Robin and are responsible for the latest chaos in Batman’s sideman’s life. But is Robin a cheater? Or could she tell the truth about being the first Robin ever?

For more than 80 years, Robin has been Batman’s sidekick. But during that time, several different characters have taken on the mantle. Originally, Dick Grayson was the first Robin before becoming Nightwing. Jason Todd then took the mantle, but was killed and resurrected as Red Hood. Tim Drake wanted to be the third Robin before he became the red Robin. Stephanie Brown would take on the role for a brief stint as the fourth Robin. Finally, Damian Wayne, the current Robin in the DC Comics canon, would be the fifth hero to become Batman’s best sidekick.


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Earlier this year, DC Comics hosted a round-robin tournament where the winner of the fan poll received a new green-lit series. Ultimately, Robins, a series starring the main heroes who have previously been given the role, was named the winner. IN Robins # 1 by Tim Seeley, Baldemar Rivas, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Steve Wands, the five former and current Robins join forces and stop a bombing in the sewer. However, they are soon warned of a new threat digging into their first cases and past. The cartoon reveals that someone saw Robins and knows each of the real identities. It’s when readers get their first glimpse of the villain who claims to be the first Robin.

Robin, who has his own actual Robin sidekick, has a similar but much more scary costume than the main Robins. She claims it was a very bad form of Robins to gather and “not invite the very first.”

It is still unknown if this new Robin is the first to use the name and speak the truth. But if they were the first Robin ever, it would undoubtedly make significant changes to Batman and Robin’s canon – unless they’re from another part of the Multiverse. It is also possible that the new / old Robin is one that readers have met before – but there is still no indication of who they really are. For readers who want to see the villain Robin in action, Robins # 1 of DC Comics is in stores now.

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