Minecraft items generally look wrong after making a small change

A Minecraft player has corrected the tilt of several objects on the game’s inventory screen and turned them completely vertically, making them strange to look at.

ONE Minecraft fan has adjusted the game’s inventory screen by making the objects completely vertical with bizarre and unsettling effects. Most fan works in the beloved craft game revolve around impressive structures created in the game; a remarkable project is a 10 kilometers Minecraft highway that took 5 months to build. In addition to magnificent architectural works, players have produced remarkable devices using the game’s Redstone system, including playable games such as Dance Dance Revolution. But some fans of the classic game think out of the box and play along Minecraft‘s basic elements in bizarre ways.


The famous sandbox game has been around since 2011 and since then it has undergone a lot of changes. Developer Mojang has continued to update the title over the years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. For example, at Minecraft Live 2021 last month, Mojang debuted the upcoming wild update, which will include features like frogs, mangrove swamps and scary new Deep Cities coming to Minecraft next year. But some aspects of the game are still familiar to long-term fans; for example, when objects appear on the game’s inventory screen, they tend to appear at an angle so that they take up more space in the square in which they appear.

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As it turns out, this angle is a fairly integral part of the warehouse layout. Reddit user SexyToaster69420 has proven this by presenting a range of stock items arranged vertically. Basic things like sticks and Blaze Rods look much less dynamic when presented this way, and the distinct appearance of Minecraft‘s swords are removed when their 8-bit edges are smoothed out. Even foods like melon and cooked fish look strange when moved to an angle that is at odds with what fans have become accustomed to over the years, and things like paper and rotten meat are almost unrecognizable.

See the original post on Reddit here.

This is not the only change Minecraft fan has presented for the lengthy game, but most suggestions are a bit more genuine than this bizarre series. For example, not long after the new mangrove swamp biome was announced at Minecraft Live some fans went on the internet to request a new one Minecraft mob in the form of a capybara. Such an addition would probably be an engaging feature of the new swampy ecosystem and a good match for the frogs already set to appear in the biome.

Such a change would certainly be much more easily welcomed than this bizarre reorganization of inventory. Minecraft looks very different than it did when it was first released a decade ago, but some things may never really change. And as SexyToaster69420 has demonstrated, some things might not.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: SexyToaster69420 / Reddit

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