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Dubai-based artist Abeer Al Edani recreates the emotional moment

Photo: Dubai-based artist recreates the emotional moment of the meeting between Sheikh Mohammed and the little girl at Expo2020

Photo: Dubai-based artist recreates the emotional moment of the meeting between Sheikh Mohammed and the little girl at Expo2020

By Purva Grover

Published: Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 13.16

Last updated: Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 13.17

We all saw that picture and it warmed our hearts. A seven-year-old girl made a wish and it came true.

She wanted her photograph taken with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohammed invited the little one to Al Wasl Plaza at the ongoing Expo 2020 venue, last month .

The scenes from their meeting with Sheikh Mohammed, who hugged the child and posed for a picture, would stay with us for a long time.

No wonder the images inspired a UAE-based artist to recreate the same on canvas. “A child’s feelings are the real translation of life. First I came across the video of the little girl crying because she could not meet Sheikh Mohammed, then I saw the video of running and hugging him.

Painting by Abeer Al Edani

Painting by Abeer Al Edani

“At that moment my tears flowed spontaneously and I was so moved by this special moment, I loved the snapshot when Sheikh Mohammed” hugged the girl “when” his hug was like a home for her “, says Abeer Al Edani, an Iraqi visualizer artist based from Dubai.

Abeer has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is a self-taught artist. She is inspired by the culture of her home country and works with themes such as customs, women and happiness and suffering.


She has had the honor of exhibiting her artwork as part of the celebration, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Through Arts, located in the United Nations Hub in the Opportunity District, Expo 2020.

We learn more about the special painting and the future of art in a conversation with her.

Painting by Abeer Al Edani

Painting by Abeer Al Edani

What is the message you want to send through this special painting?

In this painting, I aim to reflect the feelings of each and every one of us living in the UAE. We all experienced warmth as we watched the scenes from the lovely meeting. As we sat at home, we experienced what I call the ‘hug of the home’. I used oil paints on canvas and focused on the little girl’s features to express her feelings, and thus the feelings we all felt.

Where would you say your art inspirations come from?

Each artist has his source of inspiration, it can come from a song, poetry, music or a person. For me, my biggest inspiration lies in my beloved UAE. I am always in awe of and inspired by this dreamland. My precious UAE has given me all the support and confidence to keep going on a creative path.

Abeer Al Edani

Abeer Al Edani

What do you think is the future of art, especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic?

Art allows us to explore what it means to be human, to speak and express, and to bring people and ideas together. In these times of crisis, society must be led by humanity. There are different ways to imagine the future of art. One of these would be a future where technology will help artists improve their skills and work. For me, art is a global language, and it is important for each of us, artists, to follow the development of technology, but at the same time keep traditional art forms alive.

In the next 50, what are the elements of the United Arab Emirates that you would like to create on canvas?

The United Arab Emirates never ceases to amaze us with something fresh, something excellent that blows our minds and more. Every element of the country inspires us to create. I look forward to discovering what lies ahead for all of us in the next 50. I was delighted to recreate this image, a symbol of a paternity hug, just as I would be honored to recreate elements of the UAE’s historical achievements before for culture, space, humanity and beyond.

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