Monster Hunter Leak proposes new titles unveiled at Game Awards

The well-known delicious Samus Hunter claims that Monster Hunter will see various new revelations at 2021’s Game Awards, where the details of the revelation are unknown.

It claims a Nintendo insider Monster hunter will see more revelations at this year’s Game Awards. The latest post in the series, Monster Hunter Rise, has been a massive success in the series, but the question of what type of game comes out after Monster Hunter Rise is always on the horizon.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently scheduled to release an expansion in the summer of 2022 known as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This paid extension is similar Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in that it will add a new quest ranking, equipment, monsters and more. Not much is known at the moment Monster hunter expansion apart from that shown in the first teaser trailer, with the introduction of a new locality and the flagship, the older dragon, Malzeno. But more details on what the expansion will include will likely be released in the future.


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Well known delicious Samus Hunter (via claims on Twitter that div Monster hunter revelations have been moved to this year’s Game Awards. Samus Hunter did not elaborate on what exactly these revelations entailed, whether it had to do with a new game revelation or more information about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They commented on that too Splatoon 3 should get more updates before the year is over and that December will have an Indie World show from Nintendo.

There are a number of options for which type Monster hunter reveals Game Awards could see. One possibility is the unveiling of future crossover missions with other series, with the hedgehog Sonic collaborative mission will be released very soon. A new game in the series is also possible, but it may also be the stream that will reveal more about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, such as multiple recurring or new monsters. The crab-like monster Shogun Ceanataur was already shown as one of the recurring monsters at 2021’s TGS.

There have also been debates about whether the next Monster hunter the game will be on Nintendo or Playstation systems. Both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World is among Capcom’s best-selling titles on their respective systems, and the next Monster hunter the title could potentially swing both ways. Though Monster Hunter World is still Capcom’s best-selling game in September 2021 with 17.5 million sales. A potential successor to Monster Hunter World would probably sell just as much, if not more. As with all rumors, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but if necessary new information regarding Monster hunter is released, fans should tune in to the Game Awards to see what Capcom can have in store.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released for the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2022.

Sources: Samus Hunter / Twitter, Cartoon

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