Nightbirde from Zanesville talks about his music and health

Zanesville native Jane Marczewski, who goes after Nightbirde when she sings, received the golden ticket to the live show at her America's Got Talent audition, which aired Tuesday night.

Zanesville native Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski said in an interview Tuesday night on CNN that she sees a “slow miracle” as she continues her fight against cancer.

Nightbirde, who gained national attention after receiving the golden buzzer this year from “America’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell, has said she has a 2 percent chance of survival. She left the show early to focus on her health.

“I wish we would have a faster miracle,” she told host Chris Cuomo. “It happens slowly little by little, day by day. I get a little better. I got a scan result back, and a lot of things that were there disappeared. And a lot of the big things have gone down in size, so we on the way.”

Here are five additional things we learned about Nightbirde from her interview.

How Nightbirde responds to worldwide awareness of her battle with cancer

“It’s a lot to process,” she admitted. “The highest of highs and lows of lows in life happens at the same time with all this unfolding in front of millions of people. It’s a lot to carry, but it’s such an honor. The whole world carries their own weight and we must learn to do this together. “

Why Nightbirde said she said she would not give up her fight against cancer

“I feel like life is sometimes like a ‘Choose Your Pain’ game,” she said. “The pain of continuing or the pain of giving up. The pain of continuing – there’s a lot more uncertainty that way, but I think the pain of giving up is so much worse.”

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