Tips to avoid having arguments for wedding planning with your in-laws

Marriage is commonly known as a sacred union of two souls. But from a broader perspective, marriage also means your commitment to your fiancé’s well-being. So it is imperative that all the decisions you make in the wedding planning phase are in the interest of your future spouse. If you are struggling with what seems like an argumentative in-laws or just family members causing problems, read on. We give you a few ways you can avoid having wedding planning arguments with your in-laws prior to your big day.

Discuss what is negotiable and non-negotiable for you

Sometimes a wedding item can be important to you, but it can be something that your partner is willing to compromise on. So for smoother communication, define the things you can compromise on and the ones you do not want to negotiate. You can get your partner to come up with a similar list. But you should both strive to keep the list short and work as a team.

wedding planning process

How to tackle troubled relatives and in-laws

At times, you may find that a particular relative or even your in-laws are angry or argumentative. At this point, consider that they might just want to be a part of the process and help with something important. If they feel left out, simply give them a task that you have to deal with and thank them graciously. It can help you take routine tasks off your plate and will constructively engage the other person.

wedding planning arguments

Look at the big picture

While you are busy planning intricate aspects of the ceremony, it can be easy to lose sight of what is important. While booking your favorite makeup artist and a beautiful place can seem like critical aspects, remember that everything is in vain without your fiancé. It is the person you choose to marry who makes the ceremony so special for you at the end of the day.

You can use these tips to keep your wedding planning process drama-free and strengthen the bond between you and your future in-laws!

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