Why the Hawkeye’s training mafia always says “brother”

Hawkeye introduces Marvel’s newest criminal organization, Tracksuit Mafia. Here is the reason why the criminal group is obsessed with the word “bridge”.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Hawkeye.

Marvels Disney + series Hawkeye introduces the Tracksuit Mafia, the villains of the MCU series, which is an underground criminal group that has sworn to seek revenge on the awake Ronin – but why does this bunch of criminals always use the word “brother”? In just the first two paragraphs, Hawkeye establishes the mood around this new group of protagonists – and though they may be brutal, the air of incompetence around them makes the tracksuit mafia something comical. It immediately becomes clear when they arrive that the word “brother” makes up at least 50% of their vocabulary – but why is that?


After losing his entire family at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) channeled his anger and grief into a new person – the guard known as Ronin. Ronin traveled the world, dedicated to purging organized crime in the abdomen of cities from the United States to Japan. Clint hung up his Ronin suit to help the Avengers restore the world back to its natural order in Avengers: Endgame. Hawkeye sees Clint having to reconcile with his actions in his time as Ronin, after an attack from the training mafia is thwarted by a young Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), making her the new number one target of the criminal organization.

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The biggest culprit behind the Tracksuit mafia’s overuse of the word “bridge” is the group’s limited intelligence. They may have brutal force in spades, but they are ultimately lacking in the smarts department. Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini) summed up the crime group best in Hawkeye Season 1, Episode 2, “Hide and Seek” – “Jesus, not those idiots. ” They cover Clint’s head with a transparent bag during his “kidnapping,” they are unable to understand that Kate Bishop is a woman, and they are easily enticed to quarrel about the fine sides of real estate. The number of rookie errors in Hawkeye made by the criminals explains how Ronin was able to take them on his own: The tracksuit mafia does not consist of the smartest members of the criminal underworld.

Hawkeye tracksuit mafia

The over-consumption of the word in Hawkeye also serves to highlight the beehive mentality that makes up the tracksuit mafia. From their vocabulary to their attire, the group is an almost homogeneous group. True to their name, each member wears matching, bright red jumpsuits. Their appearance is even similar to each other, with most of them having almost identical beards. When each member often leaves the word “brother” to each other, it only further hints at the idea that each member of the Tracksuit Mafia is like-minded simple.

The tracksuit mafia – and their personality – comes straight from Hawkeye comics. That they perform in Hawkeye Issue 1, The Tracksuit Mafia, which Clint refers to as “Tracksuit Draculas”, the group uses their signature “bridge” as often in the comics as they do Hawkeye. Even in the comics, the group’s lack of intelligence often shows up. Whose Hawkeye continue to take from the comics, as it has done so far, it is likely that the Tracksuit Mafia will not get brighter – nor will they lose the word “bridge” in the near future.

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