Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell celebrate non-Thanksgiving by eating Jimmy Fallon’s fake food

Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon

Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

See, the holidays are stressful for everyone. Even when your Show tonight interview is technically not recorded on the actual holiday, which The Shrink Next Door diets Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd revealed repeatedly and cheekily on Thursday’s episode of Thanksgiving night. Ferrell, who spoke with Rudd and Jimmy Fallon about turkey cooking methods, lamented that Fallon will not be able to use Rudd’s fryer until “Next year – as it’s Thanksgiving tonight.”

Ferrell also gave some warm and sincere Thanksgiving thanks Show tonight the audience in the studio, who certainly gave up their family reunions with Fallon and two of the biggest stars in the world so they could record another commercial appearance. And let’s e.g. not record their PR tour stop the day before and set up for performances so NBC could pretend the network was not on vacation.

But not everything about Ferrell and Rudd’s “Thanksgiving” interview was fake. Oh, wait, it was pretty much who, after Fallon, offered the props that decorated his desk for a holiday bowl, Rudd, committed to everything that he is, took a huge bite right through the varnish that laid his offered winter squash. It looked like sweet dumpling squash black, known for its sweet potato-like flavor and edible skins, though Rudd, who spat his mouthful of chemically-treated pumpkin guts into Fallon’s hankie, might disagree. Ferrell, ready to surpass his frequent partner in comedy, eventually saved the prospect of eating a whole, glazed with preservative pumpkin, which Fallon horribly remarked, “It’s poison!”

You do not want to kill your guests, even for a killer bit. And if Ferrell and newly crowned sexy man Rudd (Ferrell claims he did People magazine honor down) went back to the prop-food joke well all the time through their segments (Ferrell checked if dipping his styrofoam cranberries in his water mug made them more tasty), who could blame them? It was, after all, 100 percent actually Thanksgiving night. We all do a little unhealthy stress eating around the holidays.

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