Paul Thomas Anderson talks about “Licorice Pizza” age gap and offensive Asian accents


-Paul Thomas Anderson spoke about his new film, which is out now, “Licorice Pizza” (a slang term for records in California) The film features Cooper Hoffman (son of the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman) and member of the rock group Haim, Alana Haim.

-Anderson says, after hearing Haim’s music on the radio, he contacted them and found out that their mother used to be his elementary school teacher. Anderson then directed some of the group’s videos.Anderson’s thoughts on Alana Haim: “It’s funny. She’s not the best musician in the band, but she’s the best actress.”

-The film features Hoffman as a 15-year-old and Haim as a Twenty-something in 1973 California. Andersen: ““There is no limit exceeded, nothing but good intentions. There is not a provocative bone in this film’s body.”

-Anderson on a scene where a white restaurant owner speaks to his Japanese wife with an offensive accent. Andersen: “I think it would be a mistake to tell a period film in the eyes of 2021, one has to be honest about that time. Not as if it is not happening today. My mother-in-law is Japanese, so it happens all the time to see people speak to her in English with a Japanese accent. I do not think they are aware that they are doing it themselves. “

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