Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd Heckle Jimmy Fallon storm the stage in hectic ‘Tonight Show’ shit

By Becca Longmire.

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Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd joined Jimmy Fallon for a fun “Tonight Show” shit Thursday.

Ferrell and Rudd, who have been busy promoting their new show “The Shrink Next Door”, grabbed Fallon’s Peter as he tried to sing “Tiny Dancer” on stage.

Peter awkwardly tightened the lyrics in his brown suit and piano tie, while Ferrell sat among the audience, asking everything he sang about.

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The “Elf” actress asked things like, “Where is she from?” and “What is her job?” from the start, wearing a blonde cup-cut wig, light green turtleneck sweater, plaid jacket and gold chain.

Rudd, dressed in the same ensemble, joined the event.

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The duo eventually joined Fallon on stage, wrapping him in linen and trying to undress him. Some lucky spectators even got the host’s shoes and socks thrown at them.

Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell.  Credit: NBC
Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell. Credit: NBC

During Ferrell and Rudd’s interview, the actors talked about their Thanksgiving plans. Ferrell then joked People actually gave him the title “Sexiest Man Alive”, but he passed it on to Rudd.

They then insisted on eating Fallon’s Thanksgiving props. See more in the clip below.


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