YouTuber recreates ‘Squid Game’ and offers a cash prize of $ 456,000

Hundreds of cash “Squid Game” fans competed in a true rendition of the dystopian magnificent Netflix series for a cash prize of $ 456,000.

The popular YouTuber MrBeast, which boasts 76.4 million subscribers, said he spent $ 3.5 million on the detailed reenactment, in which 456 participants competed for the jackpot.

The social media star whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, said on Twitter that it cost him about $ 2 million to build and produce, while he spent about $ 1.5 million on prizes.

In addition to the six-figure first prize, Donaldson distributed $ 2,000 to each participant and $ 10,000 to second place.

The recreation included the same Korean children’s games played in the “Squid Game”, such as red light, green light, balls and tug of war – in huge sets that took weeks to build.

MrBeast $ 456,000 Real-life Octopus game!
The video has received harsh criticism from viewers.
MrBeast / YouTube

But unlike in the disturbing drama, no contestants were injured.

Players were instead rigged with “wireless explosives” packed with fake blood that sprang up when a player was eliminated.

In the tug-of-war and glass-bridge challenges, losing participants fell into a foam pit instead of plunging into death.

MrBeast $ 456,000 Real-life Octopus game!
The popular YouTuber MrBeast said he spent $ 3.5 million on the rebuild.
MrBeast / YouTube
MrBeast $ 456,000 Real-life Octopus game!
Losing participants fell into a foam pit.
MrBeast / YouTube

But true to form, the real “Squid Game” contestants were seen in footage of the game trembling as they tried to cut shapes out of the honeycomb in the “dalgona challenge”.

The remake of “Squid Game” is not the first time Donaldson has performed an extravagant stunt like this for his YouTube channel.

Donaldson is famous for offering bizarre prizes to its online followers who are willing to compete in absurd challenges, such as when contestants stood in a circle for 12 days for $ 500,000 in cash.

MrBeast $ 456,000 Real-life Octopus game!
No participants were injured during the creation of the game.
MrBeast / YouTube
MrBeast $ 456,000 Real-life Octopus game!
Players were rigged with “wireless explosives” that released fake blood.
MrBeast / YouTube

The social media sensation was the second highest paid YouTube star in 2020, earning about $ 24 million and garnering about 3 billion views, according to Forbes.

But his latest video has attracted harsh criticism from viewers who criticized Donaldson for re-enacting a game about rich people exploiting the poor for their macabre viewing pleasure.

Other critics also noted the irony of Donaldson earning advertising revenue by recreating a show that strictly condemns capitalism.

A Twitter user was among those criticizing Mr Beast’s “Squid Game” remake.

The stunt video was released just 24 hours after a smuggler selling copies of “Squid Game” in North Korea was sentenced to death by the firing squad.


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