Katie Price and Carl Woods reveal that they ‘live out of suitcases’ as their three dogs create chaos in the hotel room

KATIE Price and Carl Woods have revealed that they “live out of suitcases” with their three dogs.

The former glamor model, 43, and fiancé Carl, 32, shared a clip from a hotel room when their adorable dogs created chaos by jumping on the bed.

Carl Woods joked that he and Katie Price 'no house' as they live without suitcases


Carl Woods joked that he and Katie Price ‘no house’ as they live without suitcases
Katie and Carl took their three pockets with them to visit Harvey


Katie and Carl took their three pockets with them to visit Harvey

Carl told fans they were going to visit Katie Price’s eldest son Harvey and had taken their dogs on the trip.

He said: “This is how we live these days, hotel rooms.

“We go and see Harv, and we have dogs in every room.”

Katie added, “When we see Harvey, the dogs have to come with us. All the dogs come with us, no matter where we go.”

The dogs made themselves comfortable as they jumped on the bed despite Katie asking them to come down.

Earlier this year, the mother of five told The Sun that she had made the heartbreaking decision to put Harvey in a college three hours away, where he will be staying for a week.

At the time, a source said, “Katie is devastated, but knows Harvey wants to have a great time at his new college. He’s going on his first night this week to get used to things and be away from home.”

She has previously admitted she would struggle with being so far away in Gloucestershire, but the college will allow him to live more independently and gain more skills.

She has previously told us: “It’s so outrageous to think that I do not want to see him every day, but it’s the best thing for Harvey and we have to think positively because I do not want him to think , I’m just getting rid of him.

“When he’s three hours away, it will break my heart because I will not be able to get there as I have to juggle him with my other children.”

In addition to Harvey, Katie is the mother of 16-year-old Junior, 14-year-old Princess, eight-year-old Jett and seven-year-old Bunny.

Harvey was born with ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

Katie’s hotel stay comes after she was seen on crutches before heading to her dirty mansion to take a photo shoot for her riding arena.

In a video, one can see her trying to encourage her makeup artist to go up to the top floor of the dilapidated building.

But her friend screamed in horror, claiming she was scared.

“I’m taking Ferne to the top floor of my house because she’s herself,” Katie said.

She added: “That was where I took a picture of the boy on the top floor. Remember everyone hates it up here.”

Ferne replied, “It’s because it’s haunted, honey. No, I do not like it, I do not want to lie! I do not like it, honey, I really do not like it.”


Boxes and garbage bags can be seen strewn across the floor while Katie shows off her makeup artist where she claims to have taken a picture of a little boy ghost.

The video then continues with Katie showing her horrified friend that her long blonde hair extensions have mysteriously stuck to her face.

“I’m not even touching it … look, look, look! It’s already going!” she shouts.

You can hear Katie’s friend complaining that she’s feeling really cold.

In early September, Katie moved back to her dirty mansion when filming for a scheduled Channel 4 show began.

She had signed a colossal deal with Channel 4 to renovate the Horsham home, which fell into disrepair following the breakdown of her marriage to Kieran Hayler.

Filming began in the summer, with Katie and her partner Carl Woods being watched with cameras as they gave the house an overhaul.

But earlier this year, Katie was hit by a takeover order for her home of £ 1.35 million after she failed to repay a debt of more than £ 500,000 on the property.

She risks losing the house if she cannot cash out the money to pay her debtors before a readmission hearing.

Earlier this week, The Sun revealed that Katie has interrupted her final bankruptcy hearing AGAIN as the trial date has been moved back to February 2022.

The star was due to return to court before the end of the year to update the trustees on the repayment of her debt – but the hearing has now been moved.

The cute dogs created chaos in the hotel room


The cute dogs created chaos in the hotel room
Carl gave fans a tour of the hotel room


Carl gave fans a tour of the hotel room
They were visiting Katie's eldest son Harvey


They were visiting Katie’s eldest son Harvey
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