Lovecraft land canceled due to hostile working environment, says new book

Lovecraft Country assets

Lovecraft Country assets


HBOs Lovecraft Country was one of the prominent shows among Black TV when it debuted in 2020. The show mixed black history, fantasy and sci-fi, making it an exceptional series that stood in a class of its own. When the show was canceled before the expected second season could debut, fans were crushed and wanted answers. The answers are here now.

In James Andrew Millers Tinderbox: HBO’s ruthless pursuit of new frontiers, ‘he gave a look into the history of the network and revealed why we had to say goodbye Lovecraft Country so abrupt. Miller said the blame lies with show runner Misha Green, who allegedly created a hostile work environment.

In an excerpt published by Love B. Scott, Miller wrote:

Lovecraft was a beautiful show in terms of its looks, its narrative and what I would also consider an exceptional marriage between storytelling and music. When the show was canceled, there were two predominant explanations out there. One was that it had become too expensive. The other was that there was not a convincing vision for next season. It turns out that was not the real cause either. I had several sources within HBO and elsewhere – people who worked on the show and people who represented people on the show – who said that the environment on the show was not healthy. For HBO, it was a doubling of sadness – not only is losing a show so different from what it was trying to say, but having a black showrunner – and a female black showrunner – is not something. it happens every day and people were incredibly excited about it. Then again, the word I return to is “sad” that it was not able to continue.

Green has not commented on those allegations. Green signed a deal with Apple TV, so there is hope that another season of the show will debut there.

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