Met Office issues new yellow weather forecast for ice in Greater Manchester

Large parts of the country have been hit by Storm Arwen over the weekend – and there are no signs that winter conditions have been met.

With Office has on Sunday morning issued a new yellow weather forecast for ice across parts of Scotland and England, including Greater Manchester.

The warning is in place from 3pm to Monday morning at 10am.


“Surfaces can become icy places on Sunday evenings and early Mondays, making it difficult to travel,” forecasters say.

“Showers or prolonged periods of sleet and snow should tend to cope tonight.

“When the sky becomes clear, widespread frost will develop, allowing for icy surfaces in these areas, and also where lying snow is partially melted during the day.”

Light snow is forecast in areas of Greater Manchester this afternoon, with temperatures expected around 1C.

Forecasters warn of icy surfaces

It follows an earlier yellow warning for snow and ice for the north of England, which was in place until 11am on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a cold weather warning was issued by the British Health Safety Agency on Friday, which remained in place until Monday, urging people to try to stay warm and take care of those most exposed to the effects of the cool conditions such as eg. elderly and all with heart and lung problems.

The cold spell comes after three people were killed when trees were blown over in strong winds when storm Arwen hit Friday.

Gusts of wind of almost 100 km / h also led to disruption of transport, power outages and damage to buildings, while heavy-duty saw trucks got stuck and plows were used in a number of areas.

Summarizing the damage caused by the season’s first named storm, the Met Office said the strong winds and a mix of rain, sleet and snow led to “power outages, transport disruptions, trees toppling, large coastal waves and snowstorms affecting some hills.”


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