Participating members who may not enjoy fame

Some cast members at Welcome to Plathville enjoy their newfound fame, while others would rather stay out of the limelight for a normal life.

The actors on Welcome to Plathville are very different, with some enjoying the limelight, while others prefer to live a simple life away from cameras. Despite being part of the same family, fans have come to know each of the nine children’s unique personalities over the course of three seasons of the show and how they handle star status.

Kim and Barry Plath raised their children without access to television and pop culture, yet they have become part of both Welcome to Plathville. While Ethan, Hosanna and Lydia Plath are more reserved, Moriah, Micah and Olivia seem more comfortable with their fame. Ethan and his wife Olivia had several challenges Welcome to Plathville season 3, including how fame has changed each of them in different ways. For Olivia, it gave her access to more clients and the opportunity to travel, while Ethan learned that he still preferred to live his life privately.


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Moriah, Micah and Olivia Plath are good examples of those who have enjoyed their fame, despite having met with some criticism from Welcome to Plathville fans. Moriah has celebrated her freedom by sharing her life on social media and getting a platform to share her music. Because of the show, Micah was able to pursue a modeling career. Starts in the first season of Welcome to Plathville, Micah has grown from small photo shoots in Georgia to signing with an agency and moving to LA. He has also gained access to dialect coaches so he can kickstart his acting career, and seems grateful to the show for giving him the resources to start that journey.

Olivia is the cast member who has had the most hatred on social media, largely due to Welcome to Plathville fans say she looks like mother-in-law Kim. Despite the backlash, Olivia has been able to share her story with thousands and create mental health awareness because of her part in the show. Fame has also helped her in her wedding photography business, which has become more successful with each season of Welcome to Plathville.

While some of the Plath children enjoy the limelight, others have shown that they would rather return to their lives before the show. Ethan has remained unchanged throughout the show and shows no interest in pursuing his fame. Ethan has repeatedly said he likes living in rural Georgia, where he spends his days working on his cars and arranging things around his house. He also values ​​his privacy as he never posts personal stuff on his social media. Hosanna Plath, the only Plath child not included in the program, does not have social media and has distanced herself from her siblings. Lydia still has no social media accounts and does not reveal much about her life to Welcome to Plathville fans, not even her special friend’s name.

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