Salma Hayek on her role in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

Her role is no super du jour

Marvel has turned off something called “Eternals”. Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek play aliens that live on Earth and fight against something called Deviants. Let’s imagine that it’s better than fighting the one who’s come up with the idea of ​​a movie. OKAY?

Salma Hayek: “It is a legendary universe. For our mission on Earth, we are different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation and most different superheroes. I’m the leader of the ‘Eternals’. “Yes.

It is very heavy on very tight outfits, giving you an idea of ​​the very power of this script.

“I was scared of my superhero costume. I’m claustrophobic. But then I realized that this is bigger than I am and what it will mean for Arab, brown and Latino girls like me and I was really touched. The film asks ‘Are people worth saving?’ ”

Right. And what you really should save to see is an old dusty 1950s black and white film by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

Foundations for the holiday season

Vacation ideas from a Jeremy Murphy:

Remove “White Christmas” from playlists because the weather is unknowingly racist; identify with regard to he / she / crossover or how the main course identifies itself; if the table debate is too heated, choose a pleasant topic, such as how big a mayor’s Bill de Blasio is; deforestation depletes our planet of paper, so encourages guests to dry their hands on their clothes; respect for human rights, get people to curb their iPhones made by foreign labor

And I say: Go to Pietro Mosconi’s restaurant Monte’s Trattoria on the village’s MacDougal Street.

Stand in line

“Aline” is an upcoming musical drama about Céline Dion.

We’re talking about a French-Canadian from a cramped cottage in Quebec with 13 siblings who now have a mansion in Vegas. Awkward, 12 years old, bad teeth, bad hair, a record producer discovers her, upgrades her wardrobe, develops her stage presence. She marries this decades older mentor. Her name will be Céline.

“Aline” opens here early next year. Renters who send me stuff on this movie add the note: “But no interview because we do not have access to Céline.” I think we should have talked to her when she was Aline.

"A line" is an upcoming musical about the life of Celine Dion.
“Aline” is an upcoming musical about the life of Céline Dion.
Photo by ALICE CHICHE / AFP via Getty Images

never forget

For you not to think that the Kyle Rittenhouse case was a big deal:


Broget besætning

Trump ved, at DeSantis, der forbereder sig på at blive medlem af Floridas regering, jockeyer til præz i 2024 og har rejst 52 millioner dollars. En GOPnik, der flyttede fra NY til Florida, donerede $150.000 til en DeSantis PAC. Skub tennis, politik er den store tilskuersport. . . Den fortabte Stephen Sondheim var en gådeløser, der designede krydsord og anagrammer i sit hoved. . . Også Karl Lagerfelds lod med Jeff Koons og Murakami tchotchkes bliver auktioneret i Monaco.

En administrerende direktør i NYC: “Jeg har så mange problemer, at hvis der sker noget i dag, vil der gå to uger, før jeg kan bekymre mig om det.”

Kun i New York, børn, kun i New York.


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