Scaled-down event adds focus to local vendors

SAN DIEGO – Comic-Con is not on the same scale as previous years, but even with COVID-19 restrictions, local vendors are happy to showcase their craft to attendees.

“The floor is a little smaller, none of the big studios are here, so it’s less focused on pop culture and more focused on artists and small businesses, which is actually pretty nice,” said Sonia Melinkoff, owner of Nerdy Novelty Design.

This year’s Comic Con may not be as packed as previous years, but vendors said personal sales are booming.

“Online business is good and fun, but when it comes down to it, it’s about the human interaction you get,” said Vincent Alvendia, owner of Eggdrop Ramen Studio.

Alvendia immigrated to the United States from the Philippines and remembers going to Comic-Con as a child. He said it is a dream come true to secure a sales stand this year.

“When kids found out I could draw, it was my entrance into new friends and the transition to American culture,” Alvendia said. “It’s blood, sweat and tears, so we always appreciate when people come by and say they appreciate our work.”

With hundreds of exhibits, there is plenty of art and cosplay to appreciate.

“Set up, do something,” said Mia Morgan White, a cosplay artist. “Not all heroes wear robes. So when you are here, you become like you. If you are different, you can dress like the one you love, or you can make a costume and walk around. ”

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