Shang-Chi vs. Lady Shiva: Who will win a match?

In a battle for martial arts supremacy, it is Shang-Chi’s deadly hands against Lady Shiva’s “take no prisoners” murderous instinct. Who would win?

Lady Shiva is DC Comics’ deadliest martial artist; Shang-Chi is Marvel’s Master of Kung Fu. Both are experienced open-handed fighters who have messed with some of the toughest villains and heroes in their respective worlds. Although none of them possess powers, their training has given them superpower-like abilities. Both rarely lose in a fight. However, only one can hold the mantle as the best martial arts artist in the comic book universe

Despite their differences, the backgrounds of Shang-Chi and Lady Shiva are quite similar. Selected from a young age to train in martial arts, both quickly proved to have a natural affinity for and skill in the martial arts. But because of the intrigues of others, such as young adults, their skills were used for evil. In the case of Shang-Chi, his father, the founder of an international criminal organization, tricked him into killing an innocent man who stood in the way of his father’s interests. As for Lady Shiva, an assassin killed her sister to free her from the familial loyalty he believed held her back from greatness. In both cases, the experiences shattered their innocence and cemented their belief that only through their martial arts abilities would they be able to free themselves from the burdens they each bore.


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Their skill sets are also pretty similar. While Shang-Chi’s training mainly focused on the Chinese martial arts system known as Kung Fu, over the years he has trained in and become proficient in a variety of martial arts styles. Although he prefers to use only his hands and feet, he has mastered several weapons such as nunchaku and will use them when necessary. Shang-Chi’s secret weapon, however, is his mastery of “chi”, the vital force that flows in every human being. Through the control of his chi, he can perform superhuman feats, such as when he fought The Thing to a standstill.

Lady Shiva does not limit her mastery of martial arts to one system. That is why she is the Master of Mixed Martial Arts. In addition to being an expert in Kung Fu, she has also perfected aspects of almost every martial art that humanity knows. Unlike Shang-Chi, she prefers to use weapons and makes any weapon she touches into an extension of her hand. She has no problem seeking out the “best” fighters and challenging them to a duel if it will improve her skills. Her special power is her ability to observe an opponent’s movement and predict exactly where they will try to strike next time. She has used these skills to defeat Batman in more than one battle.

A battle between these two masters is hardly settled with fists and feet. When in their game, both are almost invincible in hand-to-hand combat. Neither of them probably fears any technique or weapon that the other makes use of in combat. Ultimately, the match will be decided by the opponent with a better ability to stay focused in the moment. Here, Shang-Chi has a small advantage. While Lady Shiva has succumbed to pride and arrogance in a fight, Shang-Chi tends to double her concentration the longer the fight continues. A proud loss of focus by Lady Shiva would give Shang-Chi the opportunity to strike a blow to win the battle. It will be close. It’s going to be bloody. But Shang-Chi will prove to be the true Master of Martial Arts.

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